5 Benefits of Art Collecting

Reasons for buying art you love 
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Tree Art as a focal point

So you just fell in love with a gorgeous piece of artwork. you know it will look beautiful in your home, but did you know that art is also good for your health? Studies have proven that art has both mental and physical benefits  for improving a person’s quality of life that go way beyond the superficial. Here are just some of the many reasons why collecting art is good for you.


Dragonfly Decor in happy colors

1. Art makes you happy

If you are lucky enough to own a piece of original art, there is no doubt that one of the greatest benefits is the positive feelings that it gives you. Happiness is one of the most obvious sentiments that your original art will provide and gives people the most pleasure as well as lift the moods of everyone else in the room! We all like to feel good and the good feelings start with the anticipation of searching for the perfect artwork

2. Art makes an impression
Art enhances the room in which they are displayed. Just knowing that they complete your interior design can lift the mood of the room and everyone in it. Many people will appreciate the quality and value of an original art piece and adds an element of luxury to your home. You are showing that you can afford exactly what you want – original art. However, more affordable fine  art prints make an impression when they are unique and framed beautifully. Art is how you express your individuality.

Fish Art that calms

3. Art reduces stress
Art reduces stress by increasing relaxation, enjoyment and inner calm. After you buy that painting it will hang in your home and you will get enjoyment from it every time you look at it. Perhaps the art is a landscape that reminds you of a vacation or a calm scene of swimming fish. Art expresses thoughts, feeling and emotions that may be difficult or impossible to communicate. You may not be an artist yourself, but perhaps did a great job of communicating feelings for you.

Koi Art that provokes

4. Art is social

Art offers individuals opportunities for social interaction encouraging social connections, reducing isolation and makes community spaces more live-able . Art may make a great topic of conversation by discussing art you can break the ice at a party.

5. Arts improves the quality of life

When you surround yourself with art that you love and expresses yourself, you ultimately improve your quality of life and the quality of life of those around you. Why wouldn’t you want to collect art?

What’s the best reason for collecting art? Let me know!

15 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Art Collecting”

  1. I liked it when you mentioned that art can give a great impression to your guests when they come over to your place. During my visit to Japan last year, I am very much interested in this Noh Mask that is one of a kind and very unique. I think it would be great if I could find a piece of art about it so I can place it on my wall and create a good impression on my guests.

  2. I agree that art will improve your quality of life as it relaxes and makes you happy when looking at it. My boyfriend’s apartment looks dull. I believe we should buy some paintings for the apartment. He likes the outdoors and animals. So I want to get him something that will make him happy when he looks at it.

  3. My husband wants to hire an artist to our daughter’s first birthday and I don’t know how I feel about it. I didn’t know how much original art can change a room and lift the mood of the room and everyone in it. Now that I read this article, I think I’ll let my husband hire an artist for the party so whenever we look at the painting in our house, we’ll always be reminded of the hard work and effort that went into that day.


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