Georgia on my Mind, Atlanta Skyline Art

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by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
Atlanta Skyline watercolor painting for sale
I moved from Miami to Atlanta when I was eight years old and I lived there for four years. I have great memories of this city. We lived in a section of the city that was suburban that had a community pool which I spent the entire summer from the moment I got up until dinnertime. We happily sucked down colored sugar packets and ate microwave pizza. I remember seeing if I could make it to one end of the lap pool to the next without coming up for air. The society women tanned themselves while working on cross stitch samplers and I kept track of how many different bikinis the most popular one wore.
Decorating Idea using Atlanta Skyline Art

My brother in law lives there now and the city has changed plenty. Six lanes of traffic to get in out and around the town. The downtown is still beautiful. Plenty of trees in this city and great places to visit like the World of Coke and also the newly built Georgia Aquarium. On my visit there I was inspired by the view from the rooftop of the parking garage.Check out this decorating idea. The painting is not too big, nor too small to hang over a love seat, a mantel or a bed.

Title: Atlanta Visions
Size: 15×22″ Original Watercolor Painting
Media: Archival Watercolor on French Made Arches Paper

Art is for Sale: buy Landscape Painting Watercolor ART ORIGINAL Atlanta Georgia “Atlanta Visions”
copyright words do NOT appear on actual artwork. copyright watermark is there to protect from image theft

 • the piece featured above has SOLD but prints are available HERE

Do you have Georgia on your mind?

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  1. This is so lovely Miriam. I have only driven through Atlanta, stayed at an airport hotel…but never have really seen the city. All I remember are the six lanes of traffic you wrote about.

    Love your share of all the childhood memories there.


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