How I combine Colors in an Abstract Tree Painting

Harmonic Herbology
by Miriam Schulman, @SchulmanArt

tree art
A Harmony of pale rose pink, dusky blue, burgundy and chartreuse green

When painting abstractly, it can be sometimes harder to arrive at the right colors than when painting more realistically. When painting realistically, I derive my colors from the visual experience often exaggerating what I see with my moods to convey a feeling. In this painting of a mixed media tree landscape, I let the colors I saw in women’s fall fashion inspire me. Using an unusual color palette of chartreuse green, a flesh toned rose pink, a deep classic burgundy red and a light dusky blue gray, I artfully combined these elements into a balanced painting. The hardest part of my painting can sometimes be coming up with an original name. This art is made of torn piano sheet music and I loved the way the colors harmonized together…so borrowing words from music I used “harmony” and then to create an alliteration– I thought of the magical study of herbology. I mean where else would you find a pink forest but in the magical land?

bedroom decorating ideas
Add color to your living spaces with original art!

Original mixed media collage tree art pictures an abstract landscape with bare trees in a burgundy red forest with a brown funky leopard print on the chartreuse green forest floor. The collage elements are torn pieces of painted pieces of piano sheet music as well as torn patterned tissue papers. The painted piano sheet music represents the bark of trees. This stunning large wall art will look great with many decorating schemes. Dominant colors in this artwork are rhubarb wine red burgundy, bright chartreuse yellow green, leopard print, light rose and blue-gray.

tree art
Gallery Wrapped canvas, hang right on the wall!

Title: Harmonic Herbology
Size: 24×30″ gallery wrapped canvas – 1 7/8″ sides collaged with leopard print, paint and other textures as the front
Framing: wired and ready to hang–no frame required!!
colors: rhubarb wine red burgundy, bright chartreuse yellow green, leopard print, light rose bluish gray …dusk blue

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  1. I love the colors of nature, I can't paint but I can draw the color to natural fabrics like cotton and silk to use to carry with me and share with others! Your painting is beautiful, restful and perfect nature.


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