Decorating Idea: Painting DIY Chevron Stripes on Walls

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Chevron on bookcases, peacock art for sale

The chevron pattern is the latest trend in stripes, with the funky design adding a fun twist on an old staple. This bold look is everywhere, from clothing to decorative pillows, comforters and curtains to furniture. People are even using the trendy design as inspiration for accent walls in their home. If the bold motif has caught your eye, then learn how to paint the pattern on your walls!

Committing to a chevron pattern on your wall is a bold step, but it’s also one that can breathe fresh life into an otherwise dated room. Before you begin painting, you’ll want to make sure that you do a good job prepping the walls. After all, the better the prep job, the better the final product. Once you’ve prepped the walls you can start taping and painting! These eight blog posts will explain how to create the chevron pattern with tape, making the actual painting a piece of cake.

  • Do it Yourself: How to Paint Chevron Stripes on a Wall This post offers step by step instructions for making an otherwise boring wall a dynamic addition to a room.
  • Boring Kitchen No More! {Chevron Wall} Find taping suggestions on this blog post that will help you create crisp, clean lines with the chevron print.
  • How to Paint Perfect Stripes on Textured Walls Textured walls can pose a problem when it comes to maintaining straight lines, but this post offers a good trick that will help you keep the paint from seeping under the tape.
  • Pinterest Challenge: Chevron Entry Wall This blogger uses Frog tape to seal the edges of the stripes.
  • How to Paint a Chevron Stripe You don’t need to spend hours measuring out precise lines to get the perfect chevron pattern; just follow the instructions this blogger gives to create chevron stripes with minimal fuss.
  • DIY: Painting Multicolor Chevron Stripes After reading through the instructions offered by this blogger, you’ll see that creating this pattern isn’t very difficult at all.
  • DIY Tutorial: How to Chevron Paint a Wall You can manipulate the pattern of your stripes through different taping methods, which is all thoroughly explained in this post.

Do it yourself projects are not for everyone– you may need a little help from a stencil, a decal, or just put a piece of chevron wall art on your walls to jazz them up with this trend.

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