What my art journal looks like now

art journal
How a To-do list gets converted

Last summer, I bought a Planner Pad to help me keep organized with all my ideas and various to-do lists. Although I love it, I don’t use it in all the ways that it is intended. I tend to grab whatever page is available to write to-do lists and been using the month view to pen in appointments. Lately, I have been adding gesso and acrylic paint on top of used pages to have a pretty and appealing background to write my lists in black sharpie. When I have completed the task, I cover up the task with a decorative strip of washi tape. You can see on my January 8th to-do list that all my art tasks got done and the household chores remain undone… no I still haven’t changed the oil in my car, despite my husband’s nagging. Sometimes, when the page is covered, I simply start over with a new to-do list but lately, I have started using the pages to do more serious list making and soul searching. I got this really great book on Amazon called List Yourself and also have been following along with Ali Edwards, “One Little Word” project ( my word for 2014 is harmony)

art journaling
A completed background

This morning I spent some time covering up the page more and then I even added some crafty hearts I made. I had intended to use these hearts on a canvas but they got a little too crafty and stopped inspiring me, so I thought they would be perfect embellishments for my page. Since they had so many layers, I had to get my glue gun out to secure them. The whole page is very Valentines-y but also would make a lovely background for one of my lists. (you can see a completed Valentines Day art here)

planner pad
Month of january slowly gets covered with tape

I love having all my intentions inside this journal– and making it pretty encourages me to take out my page and look at it from time to time. (notice how I said “intentions” rather than “resolutions”) Adding the letter stickers and doodling around it was fun and easy. This year, I got my daughter into the art journal process too. So when she has extra time, we will sit together in my art studio and work in our journals. I  enjoy making the backgrounds more than the writing. She enjoys both, but is more simple in her choices for embellishments. I enjoy spending the quiet quality time with her.

art journal prompts
My day planner turned into an art journal

I am such a visual person, that having my appointments and to-do’s in written form is more natural for me. Yes, I have a smart phone and it is great for electronic reminders, but I still prefer the old fashioned way of keeping my mind, time and self organized.  I keep my thoughts, ideas, to-do lists organized and pretty using a combination of an art journal and a Planner Pad.

How about you? Do you use an old fashioned planner or an electronic method?

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