Art Journal Prompt: Word Collage

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A great art journal exercise is to cut out words and phrases from magazine and arrange them in your art journal.

Cutting and Pasting by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt

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I made a 2014 art goal to start an art journal. This “resolution” has been made easier since my daughter has discovered she loves to do it too and is always asking me if we can make time to journal ( rather than watching reruns of Dance Moms)

Art journal relieves anxiety

Art Journaling is a great project to do with your family. Keeping an art journal has helped my daughter relieve stress during her Junior year. This particular art journal session we did the night before her SAT’s. I knew she was nervous about the test but as we cut and pasted I could see her tension visibly melt away. (my own projected anxiety as well)


Choosing only empowering words

The idea for this art journal prompt came from the One Little Word class I am taking through Ali Edwards, but I did mine in an art journal. The idea is to flip through magazines and cut out words that “speak” to you. A twist I added was after I cut out my pile of words, I limited myself to one page which forced me to make choices. For example, would I rather have the word “chocolate” or “Family?” I was surprised that “trips”, “getaways” and “chocolate” did not make the cut.


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Mother-daughter time in the art studio while we both work on our art journals…


Avoid Women’s Magazines

For the exercise, both my daughter and I used the same magazines. We used a Vogue knitting, Men’s Health, Art News and a few others…but no Women’s magazines which may have had too many “weight loss” or “beauty” words in it. 

I love the result and I also love looking for meanings in the word arrangements that were both conscious as well as subconscious choices. For example, I purposefully put “art” on the top, “happy”  in the middle and “children” paired with “family” at the base. I noticed the the word “passion” had been paired with “art” rather than “sex” and so forth.


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All the tension leaves her body where she crafts for fun.

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How about you? Do you keep a journal too?

9 thoughts on “Art Journal Prompt: Word Collage”

  1. Hi Miriam,

    I’m essentially a writer. My daughter who’s an art major has left some art supplies behind and I’m just trying to start painting. I’m into crafting but painting is not my strong point. What will you advice me to start on?

  2. Make a copy of this page and use it for a background for another spread with paint to hide part of it, etc. I love it and especially the one you did yesterday with black gesso. I use black and also clear a lot.

  3. oh doh, why didn't I think of NOT using those women type magazines!!!! Brilliant idea as I know, I get sick and tired of the same old, same old. (probably why I don't buy them)

  4. So fun that you can work on projects together!! Love it! I used to do art journaling but haven't in a while…I seem to art journal in my Project Life scrapbook. I suppose my styles just start melding together in whatever I do. 🙂

  5. I love that you and your daughter work together. Such a wonderful thing to do. Terrific project, TFS.
    I am a newbie to the art journaling commitment. I do love it and am happy that I gave it a whirl.


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