A page from my art journal on mindfulness.

This blog post is about mindfulness in all that you do whether it is an ordinary moment, writing a blog post, listening to music or making art.

Why hurry? ( Be Mindful) this moment 
may be the best one of your life.

(Be Mindful)

This has been an interesting year for me artistically and with my art business. I have started tuning the knobs of focus and understanding (slowly) how I need to have a purpose for each aspect of my art making and marketing. In the past I have flit from project to project like a butterfly and then just tried to market on social media where more was thought to be better ( ie more followers, more likes etc)

Mindful Blogging

Now, the focus has changed….you will see that most notably here on the blog. In the past I have let my interns write blogs for me on almost anything they fancy unless somehow it was in someway connected to art… Although I will still have interns working for me ( a new one starts next week) I realize that the blog must be in my voice. They can help me spread the links around on social media but I recognize that folks read my blog because they want my point of view, not an impersonal article. Hence, mindful blogging.

dragonfly art | collect your own: https://www.etsy.com/shop/SchulmanArts/search?search_query=dragonfly+art&order=date_desc&view_type=list&ref=shop_search
Dragonfly Art, collect your own from my etsy shop

Art Journal ( It is important)

I’ve mentioned before that one reason I resisted keeping an art journal for so long was because the act may take me away from my art making that was for profit. (artists have bills too) However, I have found that sharing my point of view in my art journal– my inspirational musings– has helped me connect with lovers of art. In addition, I have started offering inspirational prints adapted from the pages of my art journal ( I don’t believe in starving artist syndrome, I like to eat!) The shower curtain and other accessories with the same design are available from cafepress.



The thoughts behind this art

In my art journal I layered scraps of paper, piano music and loads of paint in summery colors of blue, yellow, green and coral. On top, I added a mini print of my dragonfly art. For the words, I sat with a book of meditations and thought about what I wanted to say with my art. What kept coming up to me over and over again is the practice of mindfulness, and this really spoke to me.  At the time I was sitting peacefully with my husband while he listened to music. When one listens to music, you don’t worry about reaching the ending. You enjoy each note as it comes. So for this art I combined the idea of not hurrying through like ( Why hurry?) To be mindful in each phase (be mindful.) Perhaps it is a bit of hyperbole that each moment is the best one of your life, but it is about not taking for granted the specialness of an ordinary moment.

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