How to make your own Rub-ons! {and 20 other secrets}

Ever hear about the 21 SECRETS art journal workshop? Well, you can learn fun and inspiring approach to learning art journaling techniques and methods from me along with a team of 20 other diverse teachers in one class! {some of my favorite teachers on the list include Juliette Crane and Nat Kalbach}

Even if you don’t keep an art journal, you can use these techniques in all your mixed media art projects!


For this class, you are going to learn HOW TO CREATE YOUR OWN CUSTOM RUB-ONS!!!

That’s right, you can make them yourself so this class will totally pay for itself since you will never have to buy another rub-on again.. ( but you know you will, lol) In addition to my class, you will learn from 20 other teachers and since it is a pdf ebook you don’t have to worry about content expiring.

This is an online class and you will enjoy all the artsy fun goodness you have come to love about the Inspiration Place.  This downloadable eBook is packed with videos, full color photos, and loads of instruction that is all yours to keep and access any time you wish! 21 SECRETS Spring is a downloadable eBook packed with art journaling workshops that include videos, photos, and instructional content  and will be released in April –perfect timing to keep you inspired and your hands busy. I know I can’t wait to see what the other teachers have prepared too.

Yeah, the spring sounds like a long way off, and I get it — but you want to act now because they offer really HUGE discounts to the first 150 members that register with the Early Bird Sale that is starting today!  The earlier you sign up though, the bigger the deal!  So don’t wait! Last 21 SECRETS Early Bird Sale sold out in less than 48 hours!

The “pre-sale” price schedule will go as follows:

$69  for the first 150 buyers {I hope that’s you}
$79  for the next 150
$89  for the next 150

$98 is regular price and it will go up to that when the $89 pre-sale runs out or April 1, 2015 — whatever happens first.

If you sign up through this blog, I gain the affiliate fee for the sign up which would be lovely. In addition to the ebook, you also get a private facebook group where you can interact with all 21 Secrets teachers and thousands of artsy soul mates who love to craft just like you!

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  1. Would absolutely love to do this but medicine and food have to take precedence. To all who do sign up, have FUN and learn lots!

  2. Sounds like fun! I don't think I would do anything like this because I'm not really in to crafting, but I have friends that may be interested.


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