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It is with a little trepidation that I share one of my favorite tricks for avoiding crowds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Because if everyone finds out, well then, maybe it might get a little more crowded. But after struggling to find pictures and descriptions online to show you this favorite meeting spot, I quickly learned why this entrance has remained one of the best kept New York art lover’s secrets. 


So, next time you are in New York City, you can take advantage of this trick and think of me. @metmuseum

It was impossible to find a front view of the facade of the Met that clearly showed the Uris entrance. What you want to do is avoid the main entrance hall which is about as crowded as Grand Central Terminal. The Met museum is probably the number one tourist attractions in New York City so it is crowded all day every day. The picture above must have been taken at eight in the morning because normally you will see hoards of people on the stairs eating their soft pretzels and hot dogs.


If you are arriving by taxi or on foot, start walking toward the left of the museum. There is a very unassuming entrance on 81st street. You may think it is for employees only, but it isn’t.
If you are travelling by car, then you may already know about this entrance because you can access it from the parking garage on the inside of the museum. That is how I usually go these days. My museum membership gives me a discount on parking. @metmuseum
Here is a picture of the Uris Center entrance. I am not sure how current this pic is, but there is a very discreet awning and you just walk right on in. I think there must be a guard here that looks inside your purse… but there will be no line. That is why you might almost miss this entrance. @metmuseum
Just inside you will find a stone covered room ( not sure what this is.. polished limestone?) Anyway, there will be a non crowded “members desk on one side of the room and a regular ticket desk on the other. On this level, you will also find non-crowded bathrooms and a coat check line with no line. Really. Yes, everything you need is right here to start your adventure.

Gift Shop with Clearance Items

By the way, the best gift shop is ALSO on this level. It is smaller than the main one but this is where you will find their clearance items to get the best deals…and again, no lines.


Now, just in case you have never experienced the crowds at the Met, I thought I should share with you a picture of what the main entrance hall looks like. This is fairly typical. If you want to check your coat, there is a line rivaling the ones at Magic Mountain at Disney World. You will also have to wait in line to buy your tickets, etc etc… there is also no bathroom in the main lobby.

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So, that’s it for now.. I am off to meet my friends at the Met today! Follow @schulmanArt on instagram or facebook to see what we see and I will be following up with another blog post of what we did later!


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Now, I would love to hear from you! Have you ever been to the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Tell me about it!

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