191: Mothering Creativity with Candice L. Davis, Whitney McNeill, Allison Lane, Jen Lehner, Patty Lennon, Shaun Roney, and Miriam Schulman

2022 IP Podcast - Episode 191 - Mothering Creativity - rectangle

with host artist Miriam Schulman

In honor of Mother’s Day and in the spirit of embracing motherhood (however you experience it), this year I’m bringing together 6 incredible women to share how motherhood has influenced their creativity, tips they have for encouraging creativity in their own kids, and ways to balance your creative career with motherhood. 


In this podcast, you will discover…

Jen Lehner, founder of Front Row CEO and Front Row VIP Masterclass shares her lessons on being more present with her kids. Working from home, though physically present, can still create distance and disconnect. Her advice is to build a supportive team that creates the space you need to enjoy your kids. Join Jen’s waitlist for Front Row CEO 

Allison Lane is an editor and marketing strategist that will get your book published and marketed with her company, Allison Lane Literary. Her thoughts around influencing creativity in your children are about encouraging your kids. She has found success balancing motherhood with 1-2 hour time chunks. 

Candace L Davis is helping entrepreneurs navigate the publishing process and so much more in her business and with her podcast, Nothing But The Words. Candace’s lesson from motherhood that encourages creativity in kids is boredom. Being bored as a child and allowing her children to be bored became the best way to encourage creative thoughts. 

“Making space for my children’s creativity has simply meant making space for my kids’ souls” – Patty Lennon 

Patty Lennon, from the Space for Magic Podcast, beautifully shares that, “creativity at its best is something we feel as much as something we do.” Having children with completely different creative expressions, Patty reminds us of why honoring your children’s unique creativity and teaching them to admire the creative process is necessary for future artists. 

Whitney McNeill, the founder of the Messenger of Spirit, shares how to connect with your spirit guides and connect with your intuition. She reminds us to be mindful of our energy, and that perfectionism isn’t realistic just because that’s what society dictates to women and mothers. Whitney is a beautiful reminder to give yourself grace. 

Shaun Roney, ADHD coach and founder of Revealed Path Life Coaching expresses why modeled behaviors and skills are the best for your children. Shaun’s leading advice is to get your kids involved in your creative businesses and honor the components needed to allow more creativity. 

“The thing about creativity is it has to have freedom to be whatever it’s going to be. Someone can’t force you into being creative. They can’t teach you how to be creative. They have to allow creativity to happen.” -Shaun Roney 

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Listener shout out of the week!

Miriam distills the best business advice from her guests
Miriam’s interview with Kindra Hall about using stories is great. She always pulls helpful advice from her guests and gives examples of how artists can use it. She’s a great interpreter. I’m going to remember the story of elementary school Miriam playing with plastic horses at Cathy’s house next time I want to tell a story about my artwork.




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  1. I am about to watch/listen to your podcast on “Mothering…”. As a father, I want to listen to what you have to say, because I have two daughters who are exceptional arts/creatives and a couple of sisters who are likewise. I am a creative individual myself and love to foster creativity and artistic exceptionalism in all of the people that I deal with. I will provide my critique of your podcast!!


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