The Artist Profit Plan

5 Things You Don’t Need to Sell More Art

(and 5 You Do)

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Where your ideal collectors are REALLY hanging out (and 2 places you DON’T need to be to sell more art)

Digging deep to go beyond the “starving artist” mindset to uncover what’s really sabotaging your success (Warning: Major A-ha moments happen here!)

The new model for art sales and why there’s never been a better time to do this

Why most artists get stuck when they try to sell their art (PLUS my top tip to get your first sales coming in, or break through to the next income level…)

The 5 “P”s of profiting from your art ←--these are the 5 things you DO NEED, so pay attention here!

Inspiring stories of artists who have built a sustainable income selling their art (you’ll want to see HOW they did it!)

And much more…

A note from Miriam, your personal guide to transform your art business into the success you've always dreamed about...

Hi, I'm Miriam Schulman and back in the 90’s you’d find me at the World Trade Center in my Ann Taylor suits.

When 9/11 happened, I decided to trade in my golden handcuffs to become a full time artist.

Even though I knew it was my life purpose, I still struggled to make a living from my art.

And then, through my side hustle as a personal trainer, I accidentally stumbled upon the secret to selling anything (including art) and realized that made the difference between starving artists and successful artists…

That's when I came up with a simple solution, called the “Passion to Profit” Planning Framework to help artists develop their businesses - so that they can have the time and freedom to create art and do what they love.

Since then, I’ve used this framework to build a wildly successful art business that I love...

And I’ve coached so many other artists to create sustainable income from their art and it’s my honor to be your guide so that you can do the same.

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