Go From So-So Sales to Sold Out

Transform your art business by implementing the 5-part passion to profit framework so that you can finally earn a sustainable income from your art (even if you hate posting on social media)

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The Ultimate Creative & Financial Freedom? Go from Sporadic Sales to Sustainable Success in One Year

For years, artists have asked to take me to coffee or pick my brains! 

They saw me and others effortlessly selling our work - making it look so easy...and you wonder, why can’t I do that too? And if you’re feeling like you’re spinning your wheels, confused about what to do next and what you actually NEED to make it all work.

I get it.

But the truth is there’s NEVER been a better time to sell art on your own, outside of the traditional gallery system.

You see, the art world “gatekeepers” who used to decide what was “worthy” of being featured are being pushed aside by the internet. Now anyone with a laptop and a dream can make a thriving living from their art.

That’s so groundbreaking that I want to say it again:

ANYONE can make a thriving living from their art. (without having to move to NYC, become insta-famous, or spend a fortune on ads!)

So...why are some artists still struggling?

For many artists who want to turn their art into a thriving business

It can be overwhelming and confusing to cut through all the noise and discover what really works.

There are endless business courses, gurus to follow, tech tools to choose from, and tons of conflicting voices about what you “really need” to be successful.

And I see so many artists who get STUCK because they have a myriad of other self-sabotaging thoughts and what they don’t realize is that there are just 5 things that you DO need to build a thriving art business. (read on, we'll get there in a moment)

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From Wall Street to Full time Artist

Hi, I'm Miriam Schulman, author of the best selling business book for artists, Artpreneur and host of The Inspiration Place podcast. Back in the 90’s, you’d find me at the World Trade Center in my Ann Taylor suits. I loved the income and lifestyle but felt disconnected to my life purpose. So when 911 happened, I knew that I couldn’t go back to that world.

Yet, I still didn’t believe that I could make a full time living from art. At first, I painted on the side and taught Pilates at New York Sports Club. While working for the gym, I was introduced to selling strategies that the club wanted me to use to sell personal training packages.

It was then that I had my "aha moment" and realized that these time tested selling strategies could be used to sell anything.

Including art.

Over the last twenty years, I've built a multiple 6-figure art business and I want to show you how I did it!

That’s why I wrote Artpreneur, based on my The "Passion to Profit" planning framework to help artists develop their businesses - so that you can have the time and freedom to create art and do what you love.

Let's work together to build your email subscriber list, attract high-end commissions, and get MORE of your work into the world.

Not only will you overcome overwhelm but you'll gain practical strategies and a clear way forward for implementing them.

Plus, you’ll get a backstage pass to how I run my 6-figure art business. Learn what really works to sell your art and fill your art classes--- from an artist who's actually doing it.


The five foundations of your thriving art business include:

The Production Plan:

Consistently build a body of work. Just because you’re marketing your art doesn’t mean you should sacrifice sacred studio time. You CAN have both!

The Prospecting Plan:

Build a list of people who want what you've got, and are prepared to pay for top dollar. Building a list of collectors who love you and your art is easier than you think. (without expensive or complicated advertising)

The Pricing Plan:

This is one of the biggest sticking points for artists at all stages of their business (myself included). The key to raising your prices is to communicate with confidence, (even when you don’t feel it), and I’ll show you how to “price for profit” at premium prices.

The Promotion Plan:

Now that you have a collector base, this is the step-by-step plan to turn them into repeat collectors and raving fans who will tell their friends about you. When you develop a sales and marketing plan, you’ll know exactly what to say so that your ideal collectors joyfully whip out their credit cards for your art.

The Productivity Plan:

How to get more done (with more focus) in less time. I’ll give you the exact processes and tools to quickly get organized and stop spinning! Plus, with a few quick handy time management techniques, everything will move faster. Imagine going from standing at the sink for hours to getting a dishwasher for the first time!

I can help with all that.

There's something important you need to know.

The Artist Incubator experience isn't about piling more on your plate or procrasti-learning — this is about taking inspired action and doing the right things that will actually make a huge difference to help you easily sell more art.

Why group coaching is BETTER than private coaching

I’ve been in several masterminds over the years and I LOVE THEM.

I’ve found that, often, I learn even more from hearing solutions to other people’s questions and struggles than from my own time getting personalized help.

While I listen, ideas for my own business or creative output start firing like crazy.

Also, I end up refining my own question and get more value out of my time when I'm being coached than I would have from booking a whole hour of private time with the same mentor.

Finally, in a setting like this, you get to see the genius of the other people in the group. And, by that equation, they see yours.

Fruitful, profitable connections come out of these things.

Here's the deal:

OPTION 1: Artist Incubator

  • Monthly live “Ask Miriam Anything” sessions with yours truly — this is your chance to get your questions answered and ultimately, never get stuck again.
  • Make More Money Masterclasses on-demand where we'll dig into what's working now in the world of selling art and covers all areas of the 5-part Passion to Profit framework - you get the same curriculum as the mastermind members to study at your own pace
  • Monthly Mindset group coaching sessions with Mindset Maven Shaun Roney to help you bust through the starving artist mentality and stay focused on the successful art business you're working to build. (twice per month)
  • Guest Coaching: Guest experts come to the group to teach you things such as how to pitch to the press, write your stellar copy, craft your Instagram profile, art licensing, build a compelling about page, and much more.
  • Accountability: We match you up with an accountability buddy when you join.
  • Community: The kindest group of artists you'll meet anywhere online or off.



OPTION 2: Artist Incubator INNER CIRCLE

Private coaching & live workshops = the butt kicking you need to get results

  • EVERYTHING in the traditional Artist Incubator Program (Value $2,700+)
    You'll get instant access when you join
  • Exclusive Inner Circle Coaching with Yours Truly: (Value $3,600)
    You get 18 additional sessions over the course of the year, including:
    - 9 Deep Dive Interactive Workshops

    - 9 Coaching Masterminds
  • Private Coaching: (Value $2,000)
    You deserve personalized guidance that truly speaks to your unique needs. With three private coaching sessions to use throughout the year, you'll have my eyes on your progress to customize the strategies.
  • Unlimited Email Support: (Value $2,000)
    Stay connected and receive ongoing guidance through unlimited email support. Whenever you need a boost, have a question, or want to celebrate a win, I'm just an email away.
  • FREE ticket to Artpreneur Live in New York City (Value $1,000)
  • Next cohort starts February 2024



*this is NOT a sales call. It's an opportunity for us to make sure that this program is the right fit for you.

Meet Your Mentors:

Miriam Schulman

Artpreneur Adviser

Laser-focused coaching on the "Passion to Profit Framework"

Shaun Roney

Mindset Maven

Tune in for Mindset Calls to let go of limiting self-beliefs. You'll get at least one group mindset call per month.

"Life changing!"

"I was kind of lost on my journey to figure out how to run an art business, and I didn't really know what to do next. I knew there were a lot of steps involved, but I was trying to do them all at once and I didn't know how to begin. I also wasn't making enough money for my paintings because I wasn't charging enough.

Now that I’ve joined the program, I trust that the right clients will come to me with the right sales, and I know that the art will end up in the right home. Everything is going smoothly and abundantly. If you're considering joining the Artist Incubator, the thing that I want to tell you is to take the jump and make it happen, because that investment in yourself means that you're committed. I see massive strides of improvement in my business. It's not just an investment in a program, it's an investment in yourself and in the potential for your art business.

This keeps you focused, energized, moving, and it really is life changing."

- Patrick Guindon - Head of Montague, PE

“One of the best decisions I've ever made for my art business”

"Before joining the Artist Incubator, I wanted to raise my prices and sell larger artwork for more money. The Artist Incubator has helped me have the confidence to do that. I'm a lot more confident now about my pricing and really owning my pricing. I get a lot of good value out of the mindset sessions with Shaun Roney because it really exposes the limiting mindsets that I had about being an artist and selling art. And it's really nice to have someone double checking your thought processes and expose the gaps in the logic. I would say that this is one of the best decisions I've ever made for my art business."

- Camille Gerrick - Charlottesville, VA

"You achieve so much"

"I'm actually moving towards my goals.

You can achieve so much when you're actually focused with steps to follow."

- Vicky Beths - Goombungee, QLD

"The program elevated my collectors"

"Since I've been in the Artist Incubator, I've noticed that the quality of my followers, subscribers, and collectors has elevated.

The Artist Incubator has given me the tools, the support, the encouragement, and the real-time talk to get there. I'm so incredibly thankful that I chose to do it."

- Dawn Trimble - Atlanta, GA

“Believing in Myself!”

"Because of this Incubator, I am believing in myself for the first time, especially as an artist, but most importantly, as a person. That's worth more than anything."

- Deb Lund - Billings, MT

"Made over $14,000 from my open studio"

“I just wanted to tell you how successful our Open Studio was and just sing your praises for all the things that I did. And I kept thinking, Oh, this is what Miriam would do. You would be very proud. We made $14,000 before we even added up the totals of how many people want puppy portraits. I did all your strategies that you taught me, and you would be very proud.”

- Ginny LaMont Naegeli - Franklin, MI

"I booked by biggest commission to date"

"I sold a canvas print for $200, and then I booked my biggest commission to date. I booked a $3,500 Commission. He actually booked $4,400 total because he also ordered a 12x12 pet portrait and a 12x12 painting of a wolf for two Christmas presents as well. And it was the same size as one of the bigger pieces I've previously painted, but I charged $2,000 more this time."

- Kayla Thompson - West Fork, AR

"Grew my email list from 40 to 210 within six weeks"

"Before I started the Incubator, I thought that the world revolved around Instagram. Since I’ve joined, I grew my email list from 40 to 210 within six weeks. I'm getting compliments right, left and center from the way I write my emails. My biggest problem with buying services online is a trust issue but I can genuinely say that the Incubator has been a wonderful community to be part of. The content is absolutely brilliant. There's not many programs out there that’s like this."

- Natalie Forrester - Sóstóhegy, Hungary

What can you get out of the Artist Incubator?

Hear from inspired artists!

“I'm not the same person that I was before"

"There's been so much change within me over these past 6 months.

I'm not the same person that I was when I started.

And I'm very, very grateful. It's changed my life."

- Nicoline Mann - Nanaimo, Canada

"Already passed my income goal"

I was working five to seven days a week on my other job for the last six months, and I've still by far had my most successful year I've ever had. I've already passed my income goal just by implementing as much as I could in the time that I had while I was working 60 hours a week on another job.

- Elizabeth Mordensky - Gainsville, VA

"This program is focused on what I need"

"Well, before the Incubator, I didn't really have a clue of priorities. I should say I knew what needed to be done, but they all had equal importance and they were all big. And I was, like, totally overwhelmed that... The program helped me figure it out. Okay, this is what needs to be done first. This is what needs to be done next. Having really practical advice has made all the difference. Practical advice for my type of business. So I've taken other business classes. This is a lot more focused on me and what I need. 

My family is taking me seriously now. They really didn't believe that I could do this. But now I think they respect me. And they know that I actually am committed and serious and a real artist and a real business person. People are taking me seriously."

- Natasha Papousek - Lemon Grove, CA

"My email list exploded"

"Before I started, I guess I was just like all over the place. I had not much of a direction.

The program helped me kind of stop and focus on one thing at a time.

The email list just exploded: it went from 60 people to over 600 in less than a month."

- Simone Sloan - San Diego, CA

“My business has grown exponentially”

"I learned a lot from the mindset sessions with Shaun Roney. I think that's what really helped me.

In six months, my business has grown exponentially. I doubled my prices. I've changed a lot. I was so unsure of myself. I questioned whether I should get things out there.

I'm stronger and I believe in myself more, and I can talk about myself and my art with no apologies."

- Rachel Le Roux - Muntinlupa City, Philippines

“I made £16K on my first art course launch”

"When I first came across Miriam, I was confused about where I was going and what I needed to do. When Miriam stepped in, I just felt so much at ease and more confident in moving forward because she was right there by my side and helping me to figure out what to do next. With the help and support of Miriam, I made £16K on my first course launch and built up my email list.

In the last year, my business has literally quadrupled and Miriam has been a key person in that journey for me. I’ll be so forever grateful for all of her willingness to share her knowledge and expertise. I had my first £10k month last month.

Doing the program gave me the confidence to actually price my work at the appropriate price. One of the things that I learned was that investing in yourself is as important as investing in a ton of new pants or a new easel or a new piece of equipment.

The investment that you make on yourself and your personal growth will affect the business more than any other thing."

- Ciara Gilmore - Down, Northern Ireland

My goal is for you to...

  • Create and market a body of artwork that your collectors will want
  • Generate the consistent income that you want from your artwork
  • Dedicate more of your precious time to actually creating art (and doing other fun stuff that you love - hey, you deserve it!)

Don’t Let Your Dreams Turn Into Regrets…

Yes, you CAN sell more of your art. Yes, there ARE art collectors out there, waiting for you to have the CONFIDENCE to show up and sell.

So...let’s do this together.