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Artist Success Stories

Learning to be BOLD

"I have really been working on confidence through pricing and also remembering to take inspired steps daily - even if it's a 10-minute email. I’m beginning to think about myself being at the place in my career where I WANT to be and responding, acting, creating and communicating out of that mental space. Remembering to be bold, be unafraid and to ask for what I want.

As a result, a major framing website is interested in featuring my work as they are opening a brick and mortar store in Atlanta this fall and a high-end interior designer store wants to add my framed art to their showrooms.”

- Dawn Trimble from Atlanta, GA

"Pushed me into uncomfortable places and stretched me"

Peter Bragino from Amityville, NY

"Helped me define what my business was"

Virginia Naegeli from Franklin, MI

“The program gave me a template to reach my goals and dreams”

Before working with Miriam, I was feeling scattered and not sure where to start. I was all over the place. No focus and no plan. However, I hesitated about signing up for coaching because I wondered if it would fulfill my needs. I decided to join the Artist Incubator program anyway because I admire Miriam’s business sense and her warm direct approach to teaching.

Almost from the start, I felt like there was guidance I could trust and the structure helped me focus plus the group offered extra support. It’s a very structured and yet warm, supportive and safe environment. I feel like I have a solid plan now. The program gave me a template to reach my goals and dreams. I’m still in the early stages but that’s ok. I know I’ll get there. Instead of chasing my tail like I was before I’m showing up and working in a direction.  

Miriam's coaching has made all the difference in launching my art career! I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with her! Thank you Miriam for being so inspiring to me and for all your wisdom, tenacity, humor and drive as well as your kind and compassionate heart!

- Tracy Allegro from Quincy, MA, @tracyallegro

"Learned to start thinking of myself as a high end brand"

- Te'Resa Thomas from Chicago, IL

You have been a blessing

"Thankful today for the way you have shared your knowledge and positive energy into the world and especially into my life. You have been a blessing to me. I know I will continue to grow exponentially as I implement more advice and strategies each day in the future as well"

~Katherine Thompson from Chester, VA, @portraitsbykatherine

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Listen to what coaching can help you achieve in your art businesses

"Believing in Myself!"

Deb Lund from Billings, MT

"Clarity is priceless"

Carol Herd-Rodriguez from Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

“Stepped into my Confidence”

"I didn't have any hesitations about signing up for coaching because Schulman seemed to be doing the things with her art that I would also like to do, promote it regularly and selling it on a consistent basis. Before joining the program, I felt hopeless because had no system to market and sell my art. Since I’ve joined, I’ve begun a new series of paintings and making adjustments to my website and marketing efforts to rally around that one singular focus. Essentially, I stepped into my confidence as a Fine Artist and was ready to finally announce to the world that I was working on a series of paintings that could be purchased and collected. My art business looks like a running machine now. Each week I make progress on building my inventory, sharing my story, and gathering people that are interested in what I'm doing. Essentially there's fuel on the fire now. 

"It feels empowering, like I'm actually shining my light out into the world and taking people on the journey of creativity. We all deserve a little bit of magic and now I'm helping to bring that into the world. The Artist Incubator exceeded my expectations because Miriam actually cares about helping people. She genuinely gets excited to help people get out of their own way and move forward with their dream to make a living as an artist. She's genuine and down to Earth which is important. Working with artists can be a delicate operation that requires sensitivity. Although she's aware of that she helps you move past your self-imposed roadblocks with a tough-love approach which only a trusted friend can deliver. She walks that line and it's effective. I'm on fire right now because I know what it takes to make this career happen and it's liberating."

~Peter Bragino from Amityville,NY ,

Worked like MAGIC

"Your strategy worked like magic. I passed 500 subscribers. In TWO weeks.”

- Simone Sloan from San Diego, CA

"Joining has upleveled my biz"

“Within 10 days of joining the Artist Incubator program, I am on contract for a $650 commission!

"I just wanted to share with you because joining the Artist Incubator has upleveled my biz already to a place I expect to occupy! I'm already thrilled with the information I have received from the program and excited about implementing the strategies. Thanks for creating a program that addresses all of the important aspects of running a successful art business, and for being a leader who demonstrates these principles in action. I am excited for what the future holds.”

~Nicoline Mann, Nanaimo, BC Canada

"Validating! Fulfilling!"

Pat Stanton from Bronxville , NY

"Build a sustainable + thriving art business"

Mary Forbes from Redmond, WA

Build your sustainable & thriving art business.

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Jan's bringing in custom commissions!

Jan Saunders from North Olmsted, OH

"On the road to a sustainable business"

Kirsten Johnston from Mount Gambier, Australia

“I can see the light”

When I first approached Miriam, I seemed to be spinning my wheels and not moving forward. I'd worked hard to create a body of work but was disappointed that I couldn’t create sales to go along with that.  

Coaching appealed to me because I could get personal access to Miriam, not just a scripted course. Within a short time of following her advice, I sold a piece of art! It's great to have practical steps to follow. I have a plan and a path to go down. 

Although this is a journey and a work in progress, I feel so much more positive because I can see the light.  

I'm enjoying the personal touch that Miriam gives to each person and the way she pushes us forward. I would recommend it to anyone serious about selling their art

- Sue Grilli from Atlanta, Georgia

"This will be a game-changer!"

"Right from the start, when I met Miriam I knew she was going to be someone who could help me move my business forward. I was getting tons of traffic to my blogs but needed to find a way to capitalize on it. She gave me specific suggestions on how to build my email list. Her creativity as an artist is very apparent when you talk with her as she is always coming up with great ideas to draw in customers and convert the sale. Her first suggestion added nearly 200 people to my email list in less than 6 weeks! 

In addition, Miriam graciously helped me see how my email designs were actually hindering my customers from taking action. I knew she was right and her advice motivated me to make some changes. Even though I’ve only just begun to update my emails, I can already see a difference in how professional my marketing appears. I believe this will be a game changer for us. With my email list growing daily and my marketing attempts more suited to my audience, I am looking forward to watching my business grow. I appreciate Miriam’s gifts, talents and abilities and look forward to working with her in the future." 

~Jacki Alcorn from Argos, IN,

"For the first time, my art business is on track and moving forward."

- Karen Hegglin from Morgan Hill, CA

"Increased my sales!"

"I really appreciated the walk-through the process of creating better keywords for my Etsy shop. You also inspired me to post daily on social media. I was able to build my Etsy shop with new branding and increased my sales. Thanks for your help creating a plan to sharpen the shop's focus and look."

- Natasha Papousek from San Diego, CA,

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