095: Everything is Doable with the Power of Coaching

By support@schulmanart.com / June 23, 2020 / 0 Comments

with host artist Miriam Schulman Today, we’re talking about the power of coaching! . In this podcast, you will discover… How artists sell more art with coaching Why coaching keeps me from falling on my butt How to know if you’re ready to start working with a coach Links Mentioned schulmanart.com/QUIZ schulmanart.com/BIZ Ron Reich: ronreich.com … Read more

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094: The 4 Tendencies with Gretchen Rubin

By support@schulmanart.com / June 16, 2020 / 0 Comments

with host artist Miriam Schulman There’s no magic, one size fits all solution to being happier, healthier, more productive, more creative. We each have to figure it out for ourselves because we each have our own interests, our own values, our own temperament, our own tendency. Whatever works for us is the best way and … Read more

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093: Get Out of Your Own Way

By support@schulmanart.com / June 9, 2020 / 2 Comments

with host artist Miriam Schulman Marketing and selling your art has a lot less to do with strategy— like using the latest social media craze or which is the best print on demand site — and a lot more to do with managing your mind. In this podcast episode, we’re talking all about the 3 … Read more

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092: Fix These 5 Money Mindset Blocks with Kelly Hollingsworth

By support@schulmanart.com / June 2, 2020 / 0 Comments

with host artist Miriam Schulman Today, we’re talking all about financial fears and how they can be holding you back. . In this podcast, you will discover… How to cure the disease of under-earning 5 Financial fears that might be holding you back Why owning your own desire is the very first step Links Mentioned … Read more

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091: Recharge Your Creative Batteries Pandemic Style

By support@schulmanart.com / May 26, 2020 / 0 Comments

with host artist Miriam Schulman Today, we’re talking all about refilling your creative well when your usual ways are not available to you. . In this podcast, you will discover… 3 activities that are zapping you of creative energy Why recharging is vital to wash the dust away from your soul 12 different ways to … Read more

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090: Color Code Your Collectors with Tarzan Kay

By support@schulmanart.com / May 19, 2020 / 0 Comments

with host artist Miriam Schulman We’ve been talking a LOT about email. I hear from too many professional artists that they don’t have an email list and that they don’t know what the point of it is. That’s why I had Laura Belgray, Amy Porterfield, and now email superstar Tarzan Kay on the podcast. I … Read more

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089: Redefine Yourself

By support@schulmanart.com / May 12, 2020 / 1 Comment

with host artist Miriam Schulman What if you show up in a different way because of this critical time? What if you get inspired to create the life you really want because up until now, you’ve been living your life on autopilot? We’ve got a lot to talk about, you and I. Today, we’re talking … Read more

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I inspire art-lovers to reconnect with their creativity, learn new skills and techniques, and profit from their art. Whether you paint simply for the joy of it or you’re serious about selling your work, and you’re ready to stop putting yourself on the back burner...You're in the right place. I've done it and I can inspire YOU how to do it too.

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