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Funky Forest, Fine Art Print

Funky Forest, Fine Art Print

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Are you in love with the earth tone colors and want to incorporate the warm colors into your home decor? Abstract art enhances your modern home decor. This tree painting is a tapestry of coral orange, french roast brown and honey gold colors and textures. The leopard print forest floor contrasts with the lively orange and yellow lit sky and solid vertical shapes of the trees.

You will get enjoyment every time you look at this abstract tree art as it completes your home decor and raises the mood of everyone in the room.

Evoking the deep forests where native oak trees lived before time began, this timeless art fits both into modern and contemporary decor. When choosing the best artwork for your space, you will find that these happy and calming hues are easy to incorporate with your existing interior design.

Whether you are a musician or a tree hugger you will love this playful mixed media collage tree art.

TITLE: Funky Forest
ARTIST: Miriam Schulman

SIZE: you choose

Optional matting is white bevel cut to fit ready size frames to save you money on custom framing-- just slip into ready made frame!

Want this print in a custom size? Contact:

COPYRIGHT words do not appear on actual print
SIGNED by the artist
MEDIA: Archival Print

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