Farm Animal Spirits: The Step-by-step drawing and watercolor class so that you can experience the joy of painting charming farm animals

If you're un happy with your attempts at drawing and painting on your own... 

If you're depressed over muddy paintings, animals that look a bit cartoonish, rather than natural... 

Don’t feel bad - you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault. The reason for your frustrated efforts is not a lack of talent. 

The reason why you can’t seem to paint watercolors is really quite simple, and even easy to fix. 

What has held you back is not understanding simple color mixing formulas and how to break down animals into easy shapes… nobody has shown you how to break it down my way before--- it can be so much easier than you think. Let that soak in. 

What that means is if you can sketch a circle than you can learn to paint any animal All you need Is a painting mentor, And then you can enjoy painting watercolor animals on your own. (scroll down for more details!!)

If that sounds familiar, I can help!

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What You'll Create:

Learn to trust your process

Before taking this class, I had not done much painting of animals prior, and my main struggle was getting motivated to get paint. I took this class to inspire myself to return to watercolor painting. 

This class had easy to follow lessons and demos, a reference photo library, and interaction with community of like minded people. I liked how everyone is at a different level of experience and has a different style, and I learned to be a bit looser and to trust my own process.

~Audrey Whitman from York, PA

How It Works:

Each week for four weeks you will be emailed an encouraging letter from me letting you know that there are new videos waiting for you (although you have lifetime access and may watch them whenever you want!).

You may watch the videos right in the classroom, or download them to save to your computer.

Each lesson includes a tip list that you may print out so that you can try painting away from your computer.

You can ask questions right in the classroom or share your art on facebook in a private nurturing community.

You'll get a carefully curated photo reference guide with images that I have used to create my best selling watercolors.

Fun, Encouraging, Easy to Follow

I took this class to learn how to draw and paint animals, because I love them. I hesitated about signing up because of my drawing abilities and my watercolor abilities; however, no online or video course has ever been as fun, encouraging, easy to follow, or has the instructor painted the entire picture right there with you, and you did just that. You made the creative process go full circle.  

I loved the support from you and the other students. The class videos were very well done with easy to follow drawing and painting instructions and demonstrations. Plus, it was so much fun!!

~Deb Lund from Billings, MT

Is this class right for you?

Who this class is for...

  • You're not interested in photorealist techniques 
  • You long to capture the whimsy of animals to express their personality...their spirit and their essence 
  • Perhaps you want to create watercolor animals for children to enjoy 
  • You want to improve your drawing and painting skills and need encouragement to unleash your inner artist 
  • You're just getting started and want a short cut to success

Who this class is not for...

  • You only want free techniques that you can find on Youtube 
  • You are not interested in a supportive arts community 
  • You are only intereted in traditional oil painting or pastels. 
  • You'd rather take more time to learn everything yourself by trial and error and don't mind being frustrated

Extra bonuses when you join today!

Not only will you get access to everything inside Farm Animal Spirits when you join today, but I'm also throwing in these three bonuses!

Bonus #1: Photo Reference Guide

Bonus #2: Private Facebook Group

Printable guide with high resolution, full-color photo references that you will be using in class, PLUS twelve extra photo references for you to practice with!

Connect with your classmates (and me) in the Watercolor Painter Society group!

Bonus #3: Chicken Painting Demo

For a bonus challenge: how to draw and paint a white hen! (or is it a rooster?!)

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About Miriam

Miriam Schulman is a passionate art-entrepreneur who has been selling her art professionally for nearly 20 years. 

Her art has been featured in The New York Times, appeared on the sets of NBC, and graced art magazines all across the world. Miriam is an online educator who has helped hundreds of people around the world learn her watercolor and mixed media techniques. 

Miriam is the founder of The Inspiration Place, which empowers thousands of artists by providing them with resources, relationships, and valuable training materials.

 Go at Your Own Pace 

I heard about your class because I stumbled onto your page and I’m so thankful for that. I hesitated to take this class because I was not sure if I could keep up or even like watercolors. I wanted to take your class because I like animals but FARM animals are my favorite. The class is perfect, Miriam. I wouldn't change a thing. I learned SO MUCH! Color mixing, sketching, marketing art. It was chock full of information, and I could go at my own pace. 

~Jeanie Engelke from Florence, MT

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long do I have access to the course and the facebook group? A: LIFETIME ACCESSS! 

Q: How long is each video demonstration? A: I pride myself in my editing skills. Where other art teachers may have long stretches where all you see is their manicure while they are talking about something not related to painting skills, my videos are PACKED with useful tips, tricks and techniques and edited down to all the good stuff. 

The lessons are divided into manageable chunks to help you find the right video you may want to replay.

Q: Do I have to be at my computer at a specific time? A: No, all course are available when you want to watch them for as many times as you need to refresh 

Q: Can I download the videos? A: Yes, you can download them to a computer but apple (ipad users) will have to use an app to get them. (because of apple)

Q: Can I ask you questions? A: Absolutely! I love to answer questions. I answer questions posted in the classroom at least once a week.

Q: I don't have all the paints on your list... can I make substitutions? A:Yes, always... but sometimes a formula may look better with my recommendations. But there is usually a substitute. I would say that you must have all the blues I recommended, a green of your choosing, burnt sienna and a variety of yellows. You also need a red and a pink but the exact ones may not matter so much. 

Q: I have never taken watercolor before, do I need to take Watercolor Secrets? A:It is a good idea to have a solid foundation in watercolor which is why I am offering it as a discount when you sign up for Farm Animal Spirits to save you money.  

Q: I can't wait...when does class start? The classes are ready and available as soon as your registration has been processed. You will be emailed when the registrations have all been processed. Since the password comes from the system (not me) check your spam for it. (takes less than fifteen minutes for the computer to do their magic!) This is a self-paced class with live interaction .

Build Your Creative Confidence

I had never tried painting animals before, but I loved the samples of art provided, the name of the course and the feeling that I could do it. Miriam's classes are exactly what I've been looking for, very timely and well designed. 

Her style, support and social media groups work very well for my learning style. I liked learning new techniques, particularly doing shading in the first layer and confidence building. I learned that with the right instruction and support that I could do it.

~Linda Dinsmore from Trenton, ME

100% Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee

Don’t even make up your mind right now. 

We want you to be delighted with all of The Inspiration Place programs. 

We know that if you watch the videos in the course(s) we offer, you’ll love it. That's why we give you a full 14 days from date of purchase to try the product. To be eligible for the refund, you must have watched a minimum of 3 videos but no more than 10 of the videos that you purchased and send your request to during the refund period. 

We hope you agree that this policy gives you enough time to figure out if the class was a good fit for you.

I think you’ll agree, that’s a pretty good offer..

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