If you’re stuck staring at a blank page… And you don’t know where to start… 

Then maybe it’s time you gave yourself the gift of inspiration.  

Many art students tell me that when they finally have time to create they find themselves stuck not knowing what to do or how to start.

But imagine if you could peek over my shoulder each month as I pull the curtain back to unveil my creative process explaining exactly how I paint as well as suggest how you can make your art your own?

Perhaps you've taken my art classes but wish you could learn new painting techniques all year long...

or maybe you're new to my world and still want glimpse of how a professional artist gets and stays motivated...

then perhaps it's time to pull up a virtual seat in my art studio!



A membership site for art lovers who want a backstage pass to my creative process so that you can become a better artist

In The Inspired Insiders' Club, you get inspiration every month from me. Watch me in my studio, working on whatever project happens to be on my table, and explaining what I'm doing + WHY.  

You'll see me make mistakes (or happy little accidents)... and figure out how to fix them – or incorporate them in surprisingly cohesive ways!  

You'll see me deciding between different colors, layering techniques, and media.  

You'll get to hear my explanation of where the inspiration comes from, and how I KEEP inspired throughout an entire project. 

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"I'm just loving it!"

For so many years, I was conditioned to get up and go to work every day. This became a habit which rewarded me with a certain amount of success and comfort. Now, I find the Inspired Insiders’ club gives me a structured focus to starting artwork again after many years. This makes it easy to be more creative in the same sort of scenario. I've signed up and completed MANY other classes over the last few years, but this is the one I've been inspired by the most. I'm just loving it. Thanks for including all of the info in written form after the video there. This is so inspiring AND educational to me! ~ Susan H., California

What you Get When you join The Inspired Insiders' Club..

I've been getting some questions from you about what The Inspired Insiders’ Club actually LOOKS like.

So I made a special "Inside the Inspired Insiders’ Club" video tour! 

Watch the tour here, and you'll see what your membership site looks like, and how you can easily access all of the videos

How the Inspired Insiders' Club Will HelpYou Become a Better Artist:

Each month you'll receive fresh inspiration and techniques in the form of short narrated videos These will focus on painting, creativity exercises, drawing or another technique, and my artistic process.

Sometimes you’ll get to watch as I work on a commissioned piece of work, like a watercolor portrait. Other times, you’ll peek over my shoulder while I bring a passion project to life, or work in my art journal. (My passion projects are inspired by whatever the muse is whispering into my ear, so you’ll get to hear about that too.) The membership site is designed to maintain a balance between watercolor and multi-media art.

These recorded painting sessions will last between 10-20 minutes, and throughout the video, you’ll learn what I’m doing and my thought process for doing it. Members say that th is valuable because it's "like getting inside of my head"

Each video will be accompanied by written notes and supply links, so you can check out new products I used to create that week’s artwork.

"After watching you, I always feel the confidence to give it a shot!"

I am always looking to grow in my art journey. I was drawn to your style when I saw your work. I know I am very detail oriented and wanted to loosen up a bit. After I joined the Insiders’ Club, I’ve learned a new approach to painting, and I can combine my style with the mixed media skills I learned in Mixed Media Madness. After watching you, I always feel the confidence to give it a shot!

~ Sherry Hammond

"Opened a Brand New World for Me"

I’ve learned so much just watching you do your own style of painting. I’ve always been a very precise and detailed artist because that’s all I knew. However, now that I’ve been watching you paint during the Insider Club painting sessions I’ve been shown so many techniques that I never knew about! For example, watching you use your fingers when it’s not even finger paint and watching you cover layers and being ok with layers and covering up what you started with whether it shows up or not. —- this has opened a brand new world for me to enjoy! I love it!

~ Julia Long Puckett

My name is Miriam Schulman.

Hi there. I'm Miriam Schulman and I've been selling my art professionally since 2001. 

My art has been featured in The New York Times, appeared on the sets of NBC, and graced art magazines such as Professional Artist magazine, Art of Man and Art Journaling

However, what I am most proud of is that I've helped thousands of people around the world learn watercolor and mixed media techniques through my online site, The Inspiration Place, which empowers students by providing them with resources, relationships, and valuable training materials to bring creativity back into their lives.

"Hushed my ‘Inner Critic'"

Ever since a former art teacher graded my art projects very harshly, I’ve never felt good enough to “matter” to anyone, let alone go on to school for it. My art went underground. I never dared let others see my art!

The Inspired Insiders’ Club boosted my confidence that my art matters and hushed my ‘inner critic'.

~ Ann Nafzinger  

"It's kind of like being inside an artist's head"

I love Miriam’s painting and teaching style but I joined for the community and inspiration.This may be a bit 'voyeuristic' but I just enjoy watching the process. It's kind of like being inside an artist's head and being part of the thoughts, decisions, process and rationale that ultimately leads to the piece.

I think the Inspired Insiders' Club is for anyone wanting to see and get a glimpse into an artist's practice. I didn’t join for instruction per se but rather the process and the vision.

~ Ellen Young Goodloe  

Start Your Inspiration Today

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Extra bonuses when you enroll today!

Not only will you get access to everything inside The Inspired Insiders' Club, but I'm also inluding in these juicy bonuses!

Bonus #1: Private Facebook Group

You’ll have continued access to The Inspired Insiders' Facebook group where you can network and meet other artists from all over the world!

Bonus #2: Monthly Live Q&A call with Miriam

Feedback on your art or ask any question at all. These calls are recorded for your class library.

>> Watch a 1-min sneak peek of Insider live feedback!

Bonus #3 Occasional Guest Artist Demonstrations!

In addition to Miriam's demonstrations, you'll also enjoy demonstrations by other guest artists.

Bonus #4: Horse Painting Mini-Course (annual registrations only)

Annual members will receive this bonus mini-course in their Class Library! Includes two drawing videos, a watercolor demonstration, and professional photo references. (Not sure if you're ready for annual? Join with the trial and we'll let you upgrade later!)

"All of my interactions with Miriam have left me feeling more confident about the art I create, and no wonder! Her beautiful work exudes confidence in both skill and, in my opinion, the most vital part of any creative endeavor- communication. Miriam is not simply technically the real deal. She somehow takes all that skillfulness and knowledge and finds a way to communicate what's inside her with such unpretentious authenticity. That is something special." 

~ Mystele Kirkeeng - mystele.com

What club members have asked before joining:

Q: How do you help us become a better artist? 

A: The Inspired Insiders’ Club is an ongoing membership. As long as you remain a member, you keep receiving Painting Session videos from me.  

Each month, we'll "deep dive" into one art subject, and you'll get drawing lessons, painting demonstrations, and monthly live demonstrations/private critiques! 

You can enroll on a monthly subscription plan and cancel at any time. Or you can enroll on an annual plan and save some moolah.

Q: How much time does this take?  

A: The videos will be no longer than 20 minutes long each so that you an get to creating your art. These will be released monthly and there usually will be multiple videos. 

Q: What about the lessons and demonstrations from past seasons? Can we watch them?

A: YES! You get a full watercolor library, mixed media library and an art journal library. And you get them at no extra charge to you! 

Q. What kind of art will you be doing? Watercolor or mixed media?  

Both. In 2020, I'll take extra care to alternate between more traditional painting as well as mixed media.

Q. Will you let me know what the supplies are that you're using?  

Yes and no. This isn’t a tutorial like my online painting courses, so you don't have to buy the supplies to "participate." But inside the classroom, each video will be accompanied by written notes and supply links, so you can check out new products I used to create that week’s artwork.  

Q. Can we copy you?  

If it's for your own use, go ahead! But my work is subject to copyright protection, which means if you do copy me, it can't be for sale or public display. However I provide lots of ways for you to gather the inspiration I'm providing and then create art in your own style and in your own way.

Q. Do I need painting experience?  

Nope! Think of this like a show, like Bob Ross and The Joy of Painting. You don't even have to paint anything if you don't want to!  

But if you do want to paint, all levels of experience are welcome.

Q. What if I can't draw?  

For every animal in the Country Critters and Winter Woodlands classes, there will be drawing instruction appropriate for beginners. Many of my painting ideas require no drawing at all.

Q. What's your cancellation policy?  

You can cancel at any time. Once you cancel, you won't be charged your next payment (but no refunds on past payments). You will have access for the remainder of your paid month and then you'll stop receiving new videos and will no longer be able to access the Inspired Insiders’ Club classroom.  

If you've opted for the annual membership, cancellation will apply to your renewal for the next year, but you will still access to the classroom for the remainder of your year-long membership. 

 **Please note that all cancellation requests are processed the next business day after emailing us!**

Don’t see your question here? Write to us at support@theinspirationplace.net.

OR message us on Facebook!