Master Mixed Media Techniques in 4 Weeks

So That You Can Confidently Create Art in Your Own Style That You Can be Proud of

If you've ever stared at a blank canvas with no inspiration, desperately wanting to create something or if you're not creating because you're afraid of wasting your art supplies or making a muddy mess then perhaps it's time to dive deeper into the process

In my 18 years of working as a professional artist, I've found that the best way to overcome these roadblocks is to really understand the process behind how to create art. 

That's why my courses teach you the building blocks so that you can mix and match techniques to create art in your own style successfully.There's no need to copy the teacher exactly when you understand what you need to do!

Miriam Schulman, founder of The Inspiration Place


  • If you crave to develop confidence in your artwork 
  • If you long for a community of fellow art lovers who are as dedicated and passionate as you are. 
  • If you feel stuck because you're afraid of getting started. 
  • If you've abandoned your creative side for too long, but right now you're ready to enter the more creative phase of your life.
  • If you're ready to learn an exciting new medium that will spark creativity and joy in your art 
  • If you're suffering from "copy-itis" because you don't have the confidence to make something original in your own style then

You're invited to... Mixed Media Madness

Learn the building blocks of mixed media layering techniques so that you can mix and match them to confidently create art in your own style without frustration or supply overwhelm.

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Find your Own Voice as an Artist

Learning new art techniques is a lot of work. Fortunately, there’s a shortcut to success. In Mixed Media Madness, I share secrets with you that have taken me years to learn. 

When you know the process, you won't waste time on the wrong art supplies. And you won't have to copy other people's projects because you'll have a strong understanding of the process behind it. 

Mixed Media Madness focuses on learning the fundamentals so that you find your own voice as an artist.

What you'll learn

Learn to let go and be free with your own creativity and develop an appreciation for your own style. 

  • Save time by starting with the RIGHT art supplies
  • Enjoy the diversity of mixed media and learn a variety of techniques for creating transparent and harmonious layers. 
  • Incorporate stencils for easy organic shapes and texture
  • Stop wasting money on the "wrong stuff"
  • Discover a great technique that is super easy to implement yet looks absolutely amazing. 
  • Play with pattern all over the page without overthinking it.
  • Create something beautiful on the canvas and gain confidence in your color choices.
  • Yes, you'll even discover how to add a simple lettering technique
  • This juicy module contains lessons on mastering mixed media techniques that you can mix and match in your own artwork so that you can create art that is not a copy of anyone else's!
  • You will discover how to make layers with paint, gesso, glazing, stencils, and interesting borders
  • Explore different gessoes and their uses 
  • Create mixed media silhouettes, so you can use your bonus stencils.
  • This packed module explores my signature collage process for creating harmonious interesting layers.
  • Create balance and harmony while adding a bit of “zing.”
  • Learn my absolutely favorite collage secrets.
  • Explore stamps and advance techniques for adding your own art as a focal point.
  • Conquer finishing techniques to give your art that professional look 


"A friend found Miriam online earlier this year and shared her webpage with me. I signed up for Mixed Media Madness, because I needed to loosen up my style. I love using color, and this offered me the chance to use it but also be free. Miriam is very thorough in her videos, explanations, and tip pages. I thought this class was perfect!"  

~Patti S., Florida

What You Get:

17 video lessons

8 classroom modules

Printable tip lists for every lesson

Private Facebook community

Imagine Creating Art You'll Be Proud Of

  • Learn what to do when you are staring at a blank canvas
  • Discover the power of layering with transparent glazes
  • Explore different gessoes and their uses
  • Create complex paint patterns and lovely layers
  • Add focal points and make them pop
  • Conquer finishing techniques to give your art that professional look 

Imagine the joy of creating with confidence

If your art has stagnated—or if you have no idea where to start—now is your time to change. Imagine connecting with your inner artist in order to discover the joy that art can add back to your life. Imagine finally taking this much needed time for yourself. Imagine the joy of creating.

And if you don’t think you have the time to master all this stuff, you’ll love Mixed Media Madness. Each video has been edited down to a soul filling 15 to 20 minutes--- who doesn't have 20 minutes to get inspired?

Imagine finally putting your creativity first

If you have abandoned your creative side for too long, but feel ready to enter the more creative phase of your life then you're going to love this.

The good news? The content inside Mixed Media Madness will simplify your next steps so that you avoid overwhelm and frustration.

"So doable!"

"I love Miriam’s work and wanted to learn how she puts all her work together. There are no art stores where I live or anyone teaching mixed media art, so I signed up for the Mixed Media Madness online course. I love the way the lessons are broken up into smaller videos. Most of the time, I don't have an hour or so to sit through long videos. Plus, it is so much easier if you want to go back and rewatch how you created something than having to go to an hour or more video and try and find the section you want. Miriam makes it seem so doable. I'd love to take more Inspiration Place art classes. I just want to thank Miriam for all she does and her generosity in sharing what she knows. Thank you!"  

~Rose F., New South Wales 

"I can actually MAKE art!!"

"Mixed Media Madness is my second online class with Miriam. I am newly retired and am ENJOYING Miriam's style so very much. I love her casual approach to talking about art. I never feel intimidated by not knowing something. Thank you for that… I have learned so so many things...your tips are genius! I feel like I can actually MAKE art!!"

~Joan K., Florida

Connect with people who understand you.

If you want to get better at something, you have to be around people who are doing it too. 

To keep staying inspired, you may want to connect with a community of fellow art students who are as dedicated and passionate as you are. That community is waiting for you right now. 

Whether in the forum or through the closed facebook group, you’ll find encouragement, real advice, and powerful connections and new friends who understand you. Share your own art only if you feel comfortable and get inspired by others. If you have questions, or want feedback, you'll find this group to be a very positive and safe space.

Bring Cohesiveness to your Artwork

"I love Miriam’s artwork. It is so inspiring, and I wanted to bring that cohesiveness into my work. I love making my own family history books and adding mixed media elements to those books, but I had no idea where to begin. Now I am brimming with ideas! Just a sincere thanks for opening up a whole new world for me. I now know how to use some of these delicious art supplies that I purchased (e.g., Pitt Pens, Glazing medium, alcohol ink) as well as acrylic paints. Mixed Media Madness gave me another platform for my watercolor art instead of just a frame as well!"  

~Grace V. D., Arizona  

Even if you think you "can't do art"

"I feel it is necessary even at the age of 70 to keep learning. Over the years, I have collected so many supplies that I haven't known how to use in different ways. I joined Mixed Media Madness, because I love the layering, stenciling and backgrounds I saw in Miriam’s artwork and I wanted to learn how to do it and which supplies needed. I am very happy with this class, and I can't wait to learn more! This is the kind of art that people can have fun doing, even if they say they can't do art."  

~Judy S., Nevada  

Extra bonuses when you join today!

Not only will you get access to everything inside Mixed Media Madness when you join today, but I'm also throwing in these two bonuses!

Bonus #1: Stencil eBook

18 project ideas for mixed media silhouettes: When class is over, keep inspiration going with these ideas! Having 18 more stencil templates will allow you to gain mastery over the process without having to copy my demonstration. 

Bonus #2: Artist Paper eBook

6 different printable papers to use as collage elements. These artist papers already have a collage background. In addition to using them in your own collages, you can also print them out as is and take them with you on the go to create a fast and easy art journal page. 

"Amazing and inspiring!"

"I knew I wanted more. I had been doing mixed media for years, but I couldn’t get the depth, and the brightness I was looking for. Now, thanks to Mixed Media Madness, I see what I as doing wrong. These classes are great, and Miriam’s teaching was amazing and inspiring. I will be watching the lessons over and over. Loved them all! I can’t say that enough!"  

~Sheila B., Maine  

What students ask before joining:

Q: When does Mixed Media Madness start? A. You will get IMMEDIATE access to the class as soon as you join! We'll send you an email with all of the details on how to get into your virtual classroom, and you can get started whenever you want!

Q: Can I download the videos? A: Absolutely! Save them to your computer. They are yours to keep forever. 

Q: Do I have to be at my computer at a specific time? A: Nope. Watch the lessons when the time is right for you. (Here's another great thing about doing video classes – you can pause and rewind the steps as many times as you need!)

Q: Does my access expire? A: You will have access to the class for the lifetime of the site. So you can take a break and pick things back up whenever you want... or retake the class a year (or 3!) from now... or sign up now and wait to get started when you have enough time. 

Q: I am hard of hearing... A: Every lesson includes written tip lists (this is a printable document that you can use away from the computer.) Also helpful if English is not your first language.

Q. What if I've only done watercolor? A. This class is great for beginners, because I walk you through different levels. The first module is very accessible to all levels. Then, as you develop more skills, each new module takes you through various levels of mastery. It does get more advanced as it goes along, but I give options to modify the exercises, so you can choose to make it more advanced or easier.  

(Another note – many watercolor students come to me because they want to loosen up. They've been trying to be "realistic" with their art, and they like how my art looks fun, whimsical, and carefree. Mixed media a GREAT way to step into that. For watercolor students who "cross over" to mixed media, it's like their creativity gets unleashed because they're working in something new and can't default to old "perfectionist" habits.) 

Q: How many instructional videos are included? A: In Mixed Media Madness, there are 17 videos, plus a few more welcome videos and bonuses. All instructional videos show me working on different techniques just as if you were standing next to me looking over my shoulder and I was explaining my process to you.

Q. Will I have to spend a fortune on supplies? A. I have a very limited supply list, to make it easy for you to go and get started. However, I always recommend that my students watch the videos to make sure they want to try that new supply, or substitute something they already have.  

Q. How is this different from other mixed media classes out there? A. People get frustrated in other art classes because the instructor is teaching a project, not a process. Unless you learn the process, you always have to copy the teacher. I share the process, so you can use these techniques to create unique projects on your own, once the class is over.  

Q. How does this compare to in-person classes? A. For starters, you get to go at your own pace, when YOU have time. You can also go back and re-watch any video, any tiny step, whenever you need to.  

The other thing is – in live classes, there's always a big group of people around the table. If you're short like me, you can never see the whole thing, or by the time you jockey for position, you end up on the wrong side of the table, so you're watching everything upside down. In my videos, you always get the BEST view. :)  

In fact, one of my students, Deb Eastwood has said, "I have taken in-person art classes, but Miriam's videos are so clear it's like she is in my studio helping me.

Many of my students tell me that they enjoy of learning in the privacy of their own home so only they see their mistakes. For others who live in remote areas, online learning may be their only option.

Q. What if I'm short on time? A. A big advantage of my classes is I edit my videos. Some art teachers just flip on the camera, and you watch it in "real time," even down to watching the paint dry.  

I edit it down to what you actually need to see. No more, no less. I speed up the boring stuff and slow down when you're learning something new. I also divide all the lessons into very small chunks, so you can always go back to exactly what you need to review, without having to hunt through a huge, 90-minute video.  

Q: Do you offer a payment plan? A: We sure do! You can break your payment into 3 smaller installments, to make it easier. When you click the golden button to sign up, you'll be taken to a page where you can choose your payment plan option.

Q. I'm not sure I can afford this right now, even with the payment plan. A. I absolutely understand that. And I don't want to pressure anyone into an uncomfortable financial situation.

Q: If I have another question that isn’t answered here, whom do I contact? A: I want you to be happy. If you have further questions that have not been addressed here, please email and my team will get back to you!

"5 stars!"

"I joined Mixed Media Madness, because I wanted to make better mixed media art and I liked what I saw on this site. I was happy with this class! I learned a lot. More than in other classes I've taken. The tips were very helpful, and I very much enjoyed the class. Miriam gets a high five and 5 stars from me! I will be signing up for some watercolor classes as well."  

~Susan T., New Hampshire  

100%, Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee

Try it out risk free. 

We want you to be delighted with all of The Inspiration Place programs. 

We know that if you watch the videos in the course(s) we offer, you’ll love it. That's why we give you a full 14 days from date of purchase to try the product. To be eligible for the refund, you must have watched a minimum of 3 videos but no more than 10 of the videos that you purchased and send your request to during the refund period. 

We hope you agree that this policy gives you enough time to figure out if the class was a good fit for you.

I think you’ll agree, that’s a pretty good offer..

Learn the building blocks of mixed media layering techniques so that you can mix and match them to confidently create art in your own style without frustration or supply overwhelm.

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