Turn Your Passion for Pets into Purrrrrrfect Portraits with the “Schulman Art” Process

Find the confidence to finally paint the pets you love 

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In this Free Masterclass You'll Discover:

Discover how to use techniques for painting fur that looks soft and natural.

Explore how to choose and blend colors that beautifully match your real-life fur babies. 

Learn the “Shape Method” for drawing pets that helps you easily sketch — even if you think you can’t draw. 

Plus the best part is you'll get to watch me demonstrate live to see these principles in action!

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Wednesday, Nov. 11th

6pm New York
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11pm London
9am Nov. 10 Brisbane

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A Personal Invitation From Miriam Schulman

picture of Miriam Schulman

Well, hello there! In case we haven't met yet, I’ve been painting professionally for nearly 20 years and have been helping hundreds of students (just like you) get started painting too.

When I first started drawing animals, I struggled to use traditional academic drawing methods. But then I learned that as long as I broke the animal into simple shapes, I could draw anything I wanted. 

After completing dozens of commissioned portraits that make my clients “ooh and ah” I’ve folded the “Shape Method” for drawing into my pet process, and also included simple tricks for painting realistic fur that isn’t overly fussy and other purr-fect pet short cuts. I’ve taught this process to hundreds of my students so that they could create animal paintings that they can be proud of.

If you’re committed to finally stop putting yourself on the back burner, I can’t wait to help you reconnect with your inner artist and give you the techniques for success.

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