If you've always wanted to paint your fur family but been afraid to try...

Discover How to Paint Pets with Personality 

Find the Confidence to finally Create Paintings of Your Pets that You Can be Proud of (even if you haven't picked up a paintbrush since college)... 

If you love to paint, you've probably thought about painting your pets. Creating a beautiful painting allows you to show and memorialize your love in a real way, that will last forever and leave a legacy for you — and for your beloved pet.  

But you might have hesitated because you don’t know exactly which colors to mix or which brush strokes to use to create fur that looks soft and natural. You might have tried your hand at painting pets, only to find that the eyes don’t look quite right, or that you haven’t been able to capture your pet’s unique personality.  

If you love animals but have struggled to paint them, you're not alone and it's not your fault.  

The reason you're struggling is really quite simple and even easier to fix. There are tips and techniques that experienced pet painters know that turn frustration into fun.  

You can learn how to confidently paint pets with personality for yourself, your family and friends, and even for paid commissions.  

I’ll show you easy tips and tricks for everything you need to know about painting cats and dogs even if you've never picked up a paintbrush.  

If you've been intimidated and don’t know where to start, I'll hold your hand through my step-by-step videos and written instructions.  

Everything you need to know about painting your furry friends from A-to-Z will be lovingly broken down for you and made simple.  

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Want to paint your pets? Let me show you how.

Hi there! In case we haven't met, I'm Miriam Schulman, founder of The Inspiration Place. I've been a professional painter for nearly 20 years and completed dozens of commissioned portraits of families and their pets. But what I'm most proud of is how I'm able to pass on my knowledge to people like you.  

As a teacher, I excel at taking the complex and making it simple in step-by-step demonstrations that balance the practical side of learning the skills with building your confidence to make you feel that you can do it too.

Over the years, I’ve found that the most rewarding part of teaching has been building an artist community. My art students feel motivated and inspired while gaining the direction and structure they need to practice their skills and become a better artist.  

Want to be one of them?  

I would love to help you reconnect with your creativity so that you can make paintings of your fur babies that you're proud of. 

  •  If you want to memorialize your lost pets...
  •  If your dogs and cats are your furry family and you love them...
  •  Perhaps your friends want you to paint their pets...
  •  Or if you yearn to loosen up and get free with your paintings...
  •  Maybe you even want to learn how to take commissions to make money...

Then I want to invite you to the Pet Portrait Academy 

So that you can learn how to draw & paint cats + dogs with confidence

"Painting has given me a direction in life"

"All the classes I'm taking from the Inspiration Place are teaching me new and fun ways to paint. This has been the most fun and informative art classes I've taken in a very long time.

I always wanted to be a full-time artist and now that dream has come true. 

Painting has given me a direction in life. I have no idea what I would be doing without it. So many people I live around do nothing but watch TV and gossip."

~Judy Strait

Take a look inside the pet portrait classes:

Here's What you'll get with the Pet Portrait Academy portrait package:

The Complete "Dog Days" Workshop

37 videos that teach you step-by step to paint and draw dogs

  • How to create soulful eyes that capture the personality and spirit of your pets
  • Paint fur that looks soft and real without overworking the painting. 
  • Gather the best supplies and eliminate art supply overwhelm 
  • Step-by-step watercolor demonstrations of a variety of cats and dogs so that you gain confidence learning how to paint and draw on your own
  • Tips and tricks to get a pet's personality and liveliness 
  • Everything you need to know from A to Z about drawing and painting pets
  • How to capture expressions and be able to say "that's my dog"

The Complete "Crazy Cats" Workshop

17 videos that teach you step-by step to paint and draw cats

  • The world’s most powerful method to create whiskers– this works like crazy!
  • The sneaky (but ethical) way to draw proper proportions 
  • The reason why you should never paint a cat before you learn color harmonies 
  • The strange truth about how to paint shadows directly affects your ability to paint realistically
  • My proven step-by-step strategy for painting in a loose style with interesting colors added 
  • And I’ll even show you how to deal with black dogs and cats

Exceeded expectations

"I hesitated to take Dog Days, because I didn’t have confidence in my own painting. But I knew the class would be amazing! I love painting, I love dogs, and I love Miriam's classes. 

This class has exceeded my expectations

I love how my dog portraits came out, and other people love them too. I am glad to know that I have the private Facebook group for advice and moral support!" 

"After posting my portraits on Facebook, I’ve begun receiving inquiries about taking commissions. I have now sold dog portraits and have a waiting list! Next, I’m planning to take Watercolor Portrait Academy." 

~Audrey Witman from York, PA

When you say "yes" to Pet Portrait Academy, you get access to all of these watercolor lessons and demonstrations:

PLUS drawing lessons for these favorite breeds:


  • Boxer
  • Chihuahua
  • Dalmation
  • German Shepherd
  • Yorkie
  • Labrador
  • Poodle
  • Schnauzer


  • Tuxedo
  • Tabby
  • White cats
  • Longhair
  • Colorpoint

Step-by-step approach makes it easier

"I decided to take Dog Days for the experience, for the challenge, and because I love dogs! 

I loved how the class is self-paced, has upbeat lessons, a step-by-step approach, a place to post my work online, and easy to see demos

Miriam also sends frequent emails to check in on the students. I have recommended this class to friends."

~Karen Rushton from Iowa City, IA

How much does it cost?

You’re smart. You looked around and you know that to sign up for a watercolor workshop normally costs hundreds of dollars. 

And I truly believe that by now you can see it would be worth that much to learn my watercolor secrets so you can relax and paint the way you always imagined you would now that you have the time. 

In fact, I believe it’s worth a lot more than taking a group watercolor class since you can study the art in the privacy of your own home, replay the lessons as many times as you want and watch me demonstrate entire paintings from start to finish. 

The total value of the Pet Portrait Academy is worth over $2000 with all the lessons , support & bonus package.

Today, you can get started for just $97!

Pay in Full

$360 USD (saves 10%!)

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4-Month Installment Plan

Four easy monthly payments of $97 USD

"Happy with my very first try"

"I love Miriam's style and want to learn a more loose style. Painting animals has been intimidating to me, and I wanted a good teacher. I am loving this class! 

The instructions are so good, and I love that it is self-paced and mine to keep for as long as I need it. 

Miriam explains things very well, and I’m pretty happy with my very first try at painting dogs. Thanks, Miriam!"

~Tracy Schenk from Valleyford, WA

Start learning to paint your pets today, and have the perfect presents in time for the holidays

Gain the skill and confidence you need

"I joined up for Crazy Cats because I wanted to learn how to draw and paint these beautiful creatures... 

I convinced myself that I was not good enough to draw and paint, but I have this strong artistic streak in me that just needs nurturing, and your online lessons gave me the skill and confidence I needed to fulfill the inner artist within me!!!...

Thank you Miriam for giving me this chance!!"

~Janet McCarthy from Leiston, Suffolk, UK

Exclusive Bonuses When You Enroll

First remember, this is the very best way to learn how to paint animals in watercolor...After you've watched all the lessons in these watercolor classes , concepts that once appeared confusing will suddenly become clear and easy! 

Plus look at these amazing bonuses: ($1550 bonus package)

BONUS: Photo Reference Guide for Cats ($150 value)

You get the complete "Crazy Cat Collection" of photo references with purchase of the Pet Portrait Academy

10 beautiful, professional cat stock photographs that you will "ooh" and "ah" over  

This collection of cat stock photography has been carefully curated to save you time and money so you have plenty of photos to paint from.

BONUS: Photo Reference Guide for Dogs ($200 value)

With purchase of Pet Portrait Academy

39 stock photographs of popular dog breeds in engaging and whimsical poses

This collection has been carefully curated to save you time and money looking for professional photos to paint from.

BONUS: Watercolor Mastermind Private Facebook Group ($500 value)

Join this exclusive Facebook group that's only for members of Inspiration Place watercolor classes. You'll find students of all skill levels who are ready to jump in and inspire you. This is a very kind, supportive group of women.

"Too many issues in my life had prevented me from keeping on being creative. I isolated myself, but now, I have found an art community to be involved with and have support ... I am really grateful for fellow artists!"

~Deb Lund

BONUS: Fan-Submitted Pet Photos eBook ($150 value)

When you join Pet Portrait Academy, you can also practice your new watercolor skills using 68 wonderful pet photos submitted by fans of The Inspiration Place!

 Now selling my portraits!

"As soon as I saw the promotion for pet portraits, I knew I had to take it! I have been painting pet portraits for a while, but I love Miriam’s style, so it was an easy decision. 

Before, I struggled with painting dogs too tightly, and now my portraits have greatly improved! This class has easy and clear instructions and is fun and informative. 

As a matter of fact, I have sold paintings since taking the class!"

~Debbie Myers from Oxford, MS

Just so you know, time is limited.

Registration for programs at the Inspiration Place only stay open for a week. I like to keep my promotion periods brief and have classes running on a semester style basis. 

This helps the community form strong bonds with one another as they go through the same material at the same time sharing their journey.

In fairness to the rest of my students and customers, I do not accept late registrations.

Paint your "Grandpuppies" as Gifts

"My daughters have pets I wanted to paint: my grandpuppies.  

Before I enrolled, I was concerned about painting dogs well enough to make them look like real dogs and getting the face and fur right. 

The class was very thorough, well presented, fun to do, and included different breeds. I just gave a dog portrait to my brother for birthday. He (& everyone else) loved it!"  

~Kellie Allen from Canton, PA

Questions art students ask before joining:

Q: Does your class teaching go slowly thru the whole painting? Is your class completely step by step? 

A: This is literally a step-by-step, mix this color with that one and put it here holding your hand type of training. Nothing is left out. Yet, you'll learn how to apply what you've learned to your own pet portraits.

Q: I've never taken a watercolor class, do I need to take Watercolor Secrets first? 

A: Although all skill levels are welcome, if you have never taken a watercolor class before, it is a really good idea to master the skills taught in Watercolor Secrets, which provides the best foundation in the watercolor skills you need to move on to painting cats and dogs.  

Q: Is Crazy Cats the same Crazy Cats watercolor class that you have offered in the past? 

A: Yes! It's the same. If you have already bought Crazy Cats in the past, you do not need to purchase it again.

Q: If I am not on facebook, can I still ask questions? 

A: Absolutely! There is a members only forum in every classroom at the Inspiration Place.

Q: Will I get feedback from you Miriam? 

A: I answer questions once a week inside the classroom.

Q: Do I have to be at my computer at a specific time? 

A: Absolutely not. You can watch the lessons when the time is right for you. 

Q: When does class start? 

A: All the classes begin as soon as your registration is processed.

Q: How will I know you processed my registration? 

A: You will receive an email from theinspirationplace@t.kajabimail.net with your login and your password as well as a welcome email from me, miriam@theinspirationplace.net

Q: How many instructional videos are included? 

A: Across both classes in this bundle there are 54 TOTAL instructional videos plus a few more welcome videos. All instructional videos show me working on different techniques just as if you were standing next to me looking over my shoulder and I was explaining my process to you.

Q: How is content delivered? 

A: You have a personal login and a password to get access to all classes you signed for at TheInspirationPlace.net

Q: How long does the class last? 

A: You can take as much time as you need. Some content and bonuses are dripped out later so you won't become overwhelmed.

Q: Can I download the videos? 

A: Absolutely! Save them to your computer. They are yours to keep forever. 

Q: Does my access expire? 

A: No, you will have access to the course for the lifetime of the site. 

Q: I am hard of hearing. 

A: Every lesson includes written tip lists. Also good if English is not your first language. 

Q: Do you offer a payment plan? 

A: Yes... you can pay in monthly installments.

Q: I'm on a fixed income and don't think I can keep up with the installment plan. 

A: If the installment plan is too rapid for you, we recommend enrolling using PayPal Credit to pay on your own schedule.

Q: What if I'm not happy with the classes? 

A: I am so sure that you'll love this class that I give you a full 30 days to try it out risk free. 

Q: When does registration end? 

A: Enrollment closes July 22nd.

Q: If I have another question that isn’t answered here, who do I contact? 

A: I want you to be happy. If you have further questions that have not been addressed here, please email support@theinspirationPlace.net 

Have a question you don't see here?  

Send us a message!

"Watch the Videos Over and Over"

"I love the way Miriam paints and wanted to learn how. When I signed up, I was so excited and ready to start. I used to struggle with realistic painting. 

By seeing how to do it right, my paintings look a lot better. I especially loved how Miriam taught us how to do eyes! I love seeing her videos over and over. She makes me feel like she is right here in Georgia with me. 

Can't wait to take another class."

~Kyle Howington from Watkinsville, GA

100% Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee

Don’t even make up your mind right now.  

We want you to be delighted with all of The Inspiration Place programs.

We know that if you watch the videos in the course(s) we offer, you’ll love it. That's why we give you a full 30 days from date of purchase to try the product. To be eligible for the refund, you must have watched a minimum of 3 videos but no more than 10 of the videos that you purchased and send your request to support@theInspirationPlace.net during the refund period.  

We hope you agree that this policy gives you enough time to figure out if the class was a good fit for you.  

I think you’ll agree, that’s a pretty good offer..

Get started today for only $97!

"Watch the Videos Over and Over"

“My name is Jan Berner. Before I started painting with Miriam, I didn't know how to loosen up. Miriam taught us how to loosen up. I struggled at the beginning of the class with the three dogs, and then by the time I got to the others, I was getting more and more free and it's very exciting to know that I can do people's dogs and cats now. I love my artwork.  

"I just do it for my own pleasure. My daughter lost her dog, I did that for her as a memorabilia that she could have while her dog was put to rest and that just warmed her heart. She said it captured the whole essence of her dog. My husband's family noticed that I had paintings, and made a big deal of it. My brother-in-law said, 'You're a true artist.' That was so exciting.”  

- Jan Berner from Newfane, VT  

Pay in Full

$360 USD (saves 10%!)


4-Month Installment Plan

Four easy monthly payments of $97 USD

Remember, you're covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. Just watch a minimum of 3 videos but no more than 10 of the videos that you purchased and send your request to support@theInspirationPlace.net within 30 days, and we'll happily refund every penny, no hard feelings.

Registration closes July 22nd at midnight PT!!


Imagine for a moment all the joy you can have when your family unwraps presents you've created of your family's beloved pets!

Enroll in Pet Portrait Academy today, and you'll have pet portraits for ready gift giving.