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Your search for "animal art original" revealed the following:

Elephant Dreams, Original Mixed Media Art

Regular price $840.00

30x30" Lately, I've been listening to podcasts as well as reading a lot about Feng Shui and I've been thinking...

Tabby Lights, Fine Art Print

Regular price $24.00

Love cats? Edward is the name of the orange tabby cat who posed for me. He thinks he is a...

Hang out with Eagles, Chicken painting, Original Mixed Media Art on Canvas

Regular price $347.00

In this family portrait of a Chicken and her young chick, I was wondering what advice a parent would give?...

Purple Penguin Party, Original Mixed Media Art

Regular price $270.00

Are you looking for original penguin art ? This mixed media collage art on canvas pictures a family of penguins...


First Lady Bug, Original Mixed Media

Regular price $180.00

Looking for children's wall art or for bright red & aquamarine blue decor for the kids room? Lady bug art...

Steer Stare, Original Mixed Media Art

Regular price $447.00

This mixed media artwork of a steer combines the best of collage & mixed media for lots of texture and...

Trumpet Trust, Original Mixed Media Art

Regular price $360.00

        So this painting is a trumpet- but it is also more than just a trumpet. I...


Dragonfly Dance, Canvas Print

Regular price $94.00

Freshen your home decor  with Dragonfly wall art with beautiful gold and graphic black dragonfly image on jade green and...