Discover the “5 P’s” of the Portrait Painting Process to Create Art of Your Loved Ones that You Can Be Proud of…

Find the confidence to finally paint the people (and pets) you love

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In this Free Masterclass You'll Discover:

Explore the 5 P's of the Schulman Portrait Painting Process (the third "P" is a total game changer) 

Discover "the Watercolor Advantage" - this allows you to use the special “shortcut” that I teach that makes the whole process much easier

Uncover the "Taboo Technique" most portrait artists don't want you to know -(this one technique will allow you to get past your doubt)

Plus the best part is you'll get to watch me demonstrate live to see these principles in action!

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Wednesday, Sept. 29th

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A Personal Invitation From Miriam

picture of Miriam Schulman

Well, hello there! In case we haven't met yet, I’ve been helping hundreds of students get started painting portraits too. 

When I first started drawing portraits, I too struggled to use traditional academic drawing methods. But then I stumbled upon a simple “Taboo Technique” that easily captures people’s likeness and discovered it’s the dirty secret behind most professional portrait artists. They use this “forbidden” technique but don’t want you to know what it is.  

After completing dozens of commissioned portraits that make my clients “ooh and ah” I’ve folded this technique and other short cuts into my “5 P” Portrait Painting Process and taught this process to hundreds of my students so that they could create portraits they could be proud of.  

If you’re committed to finally stop putting yourself on the back burner, I can’t wait to help you reconnect with your inner artist and give you the techniques for success.

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