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Miriam Schulman: It’s not about creating a style. It’s about uncovering what’s already there, buried deep inside. When you take off the training wheels and stop worrying about copying others, your unique style will appear. Everyone already has a style of their own. They just don’t know what it is yet.

Speaker 2: It’s The Inspiration Place podcast with artist Miriam Schulman. Welcome to The Inspiration Place Podcast, an art world insider podcast for artists by an artist where each week we go behind the scenes to uncover the perspiration and inspiration behind the art. And now your host, Miriam Schulman.

Miriam Schulman: Well hey there, Artpreneur. It’s Miriam Schulman here. I am so excited to chat with you today. This is episode number 266 and oh my goodness, this is a good one. So my publisher said that I could share an audiobook chapter with my audience. And one of my favorite chapters is Embrace Your Inner Weirdo. Now, I already have a few podcast episodes called Embrace Your Inner Weirdo, and we’ll link those in the show notes. That’s not what this episode is exactly–the same content. So I didn’t want to confuse you, but this is actually the chapter that you would find inside the audiobook. For those of you who’ve already gotten it, thank you very much. For those of you who haven’t, here’s what’s in store for you. So one thing that I did, which I don’t know that anyone else has done this, I decided to include podcast clips of my podcast guests whenever I quoted them throughout the book. So I pulled the quotes directly from different podcast episodes. And I think we’re going to be linking to that as well. We’ll make sure we have a list of all those linked for you for the show notes. Okay. So besides me narrating it, you’re going to have you’re going to hear from Jennifer Kem. You’re going to hear from India Jackson. You’re going to hear from my first business coach, Jason Van Orden and also Ron Reich. You’re going to hear from Shaun Roney, who’s the resident mindset coach inside The Inspiration Place.

You’re going to hear from my good friend Michael Schein. You’re going to hear from—is there anyone else? Yeah, my friend Kelly Hollingsworth. So you’re going to hear from them. Not just me reading what they say and not just a robot creepily saying what they said. You’re going to hear them speaking in their own voices. So that’s what makes this audiobook super fun. Now, if you want the bonus package that comes along when you purchase the audiobook and this is for you, even if you’ve already bought either the Kindle, the physical book or the audiobook, you can still get the bonus package. So to get the bonus package, all you have to do is head on over to We obviously we will link that for you in the show notes. There is so much in the bonus package it makes it worth way more than the cost of the book, no matter what format you get it. And if you are an audiobook subscriber, you can just use your credit for the full audiobook if you’ve never done audible before. I meant audible credit, by the way. If you’ve never done audible before, your first month is free so you can get the book for free. The Kindle is only 9.99 and no matter what format you buy it in, you do get the bonus package, which includes an art journal video workshop.


It includes artists insights, which are panels from different success stories to help inspire you with how they found their success using these principles. We have another panel that includes Jennifer Kem and India Jackson, who you’re going to hear from today. And we even have one on spirituality and creativity, which I absolutely loved. I don’t really get into spirituality that much in this book, but who knows, maybe, maybe in my next one. So to get that bonus package, you just need your order number. If you bought through Amazon or online or whatever, you can look that up. Hey, if you don’t have your receipt. And you went to a traditional bookstore, which, by the way, I applaud you. No worries. We’ve got you. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself with your book and mail it to me: And we’ll make sure you get that bonus package. So we’re not discriminating depending on how you order. So on that order page, you just put your name, your email and the order number. And if you want the bonus package and you can’t find the receipt, email a picture of you with the book. And yes, my friends who check things out of the library, you can go to your library and request it there and take a picture of you with the book that counts. Okay, my friend. Without further ado, let’s dive into chapter six of Artpreneur Embrace your inner weirdo.




Miriam Schulman: Okay, well, that wraps it up. So remember, if you want all 12 chapters of Artpreneur, just head on over to Order it from your favorite place. And by the way, international people, we found that the best place to order books internationally is better world books. They have the most reliable service and the lowest shipping prices. So if you can’t get it locally and you don’t want to pay high shipping, we found that is the best way to get it. So that’s Better World Books and we don’t care where again, we don’t care how you what format where you order it from to get your bonus package You can read all the different bonuses. We include lots of things to compliment the book. All right, my friend. That’s it for today. I’ll see you the same time, same place next week when we’ll be talking about unleashing the power of YouTube and we’ll be sharing game-changing strategies for artists featuring my friend Elise Darma. So make sure you hit subscribe in your podcast app so you don’t miss a single episode. Until next time, stay inspired.

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