Schulman Interview in Art of Man Journal

The Art Of Man - Fourth Edition

The Art Of Man – Fourth Edition

Fine Art of the Male Form Quarterly Journal



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Firehouse Studio Publications becomes a reality! This quarterly seeks to bring balance to a genre of art that overwhelmingly favors the female figure. We feature artists that are courageous enough to focus on the male figure as a significant portion of their portfolio. We bring you in-depth interviews into their thought processes, choices, struggles and creativity in a way no book on the subject can; a buffet for the connoisseur of figurative art.

This issue features the artwork of Bob Gherardi (cover) James Childs (Back Cover) Grant A. Anderson, Richard Wallace, and Miriam Schulman. The featured gallery interview is MooiMan Gallery of Holland/Netherlands by David Jarrett. The historical spotlight falls on Thomas Eakins with an article by Grady Harp. If you ever wanted to know what it is like to work with nude models, an insider’s look is included from an artist’s perspective. The edition ends with our artist’s directory of over 125 artists that work with the classical male figure in fine art today.

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  1. I'm inspired by all your art and those that you included in the montage in this post. I'm bookmarking the magazine link too!

    Thanks for letting me know about this and congratulations on your feature.


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