Creating Incredible Texture with Watercolor on Canvas

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Butterfly Goddess, 20×20″      

The creativity in my studio is exploding right now. I have a million and one inspirations for creating art and never enough time to create everything in my head. After reading a post on the Metropolitan Museum’s website Bugs | Connections by educator Edie Watts I was inspired to create some insect art of my own. The most inspiring quote from her was

Mosquito Deity, 20×16″
sold to NBC show Parenthood
“I don’t know who the mosquito deity was, but I would make offerings to him or her to protect me from bites.” and then I began to wonder, what does the mosquito deity look like? My head conjured up the painting you see below. Once I visualize art so perfectly in my head it is easy to translate it to canvas. Well maybe not so easily. I decided these insect paintings needed to be done on a textured canvas using watercolors. To do this I add an acrylic absorbent ground to a canvas and have to let that dry overnight. After laying in my contour drawing in charcoal pencil, I apply transparent layers of watercolor. The transparent watercolor is the perfect medium of creating the translucent wings of insects. Next, I have to spray varnish the painting to protect it from moisture. Finally, I paint the sides with black acrylic paint giving the painting a nice edge so that my collectors may hang the painting without frame. I love being able to experience the watercolor without displaying it with glass on top. I am planning on doing more insects in the coming days.

Result of days spent in the studio…

 …and nights dreaming of you! 
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