Inside the artist’s studio

A virtual Tour of the Artist’s Studio Desk
by Miriam Schulman
Here is the desk in my artist studio. The desk is nestled lengthwise in front of a window that overlooks my garden. The chair cushion is from Anthropologie and the desk is from Pottery Barn. Although the desk is long, I still added a tray table to the end for additional supplies I want to keep handy but off of my desk. In between the space of the tray table and the desk I have my waste basket. There is an empty frame hidden behind the desk. At the end of the desk there is a basket which is filled with matted prints and matted watercolors. Last summer I painted my studio ( myself!) with Dove White paint by Benjamin Moore.
Folding chairs on the left are for art students. Marbled composition book is for keeping track of ideas, to do lists and to communicate with my summer intern. My intern is using my laptop this summer but I also have another computer downstairs hooked up to a printer and scanner…hmmm…maybe that should all be upstairs in the studio. Do you like the new insect paintings? One of them is being considered for a television set on NBC. Can’t tell you which one until it is finalized. [Note: Mosquito Deity was purchased for a set by the NBC show Parenthood.]
Scale for weighing packages. I used to have an electronic one that I bought cheaply on eBay but when that broke I thought it better to get an indestructible mechanical one. Just below that I have a calendar for to do lists. A friend who knows I am disorganized got the calendar for me as a party favor. It has little sticky notes on the sides.
Tucked away next to the print basket is a magazine holder which keeps recent issues of Professional Artist, Art News, Watercolor Artist and some catalogs for Uline, Daniel Smith and Dick Blick. I also have a wire basket of markers. These are really for my children who sometimes like to keep me company in the studio and color while I paint.
At the end of my desk the tray table has a basket on top. The basket has a water spray bottle for re-wetting my watercolor palette, tissues for blotting watercolors, and pledge for keeping the furniture clean. In the pink basket I have my credit card machine that is great for customers who don’t like PayPal and for taking to art fairs. Also, my portrait clients like to charge their commissions by credit card.  
New art for sale by Miriam Schulman
Lady Bug, Ladybug Art, Modern Abstract Contemporary Watercolor Painting art "First Lady Bug" 12x12 in patriotic red, white and blue


Insect Art, Bee Painting, Modern Abstract Contemporary Watercolor Painting art "Busy as a Bee" 10x10 in feminine soft colors

Spider Art, Modern Abstract Contemporary Watercolor Painting on Canvas, "Oh what a tangled Web We Weave" 8x8in

Butterfly Goddess, lavender and turquoise canvas Watercolor Painting art 20x20 Summer Bugs



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