Inspired by the Models and Fashion of Alexander McQueen.

Art of the Muse.

by Miriam Schulman

Fashion illustrations and fantasy art inspired by Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (still going on thru August 7, 2011)

Chess Queen
Size: 16×20″
Media: Watercolor on Canvas Board
Blue and purple butterflies lift the queen off her feet and carry her away.


The Alexander McQueen show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art has an amazing dress with Japanese influences on display which inspired this painting. McQueen’s concept behind the collection was that each model was a life size chess piece that moved across the board like the Wizard Chess in Harry Potter. In McQueen’s world he had the Japanese against the American. The dress in the runway photograph depicts McQueen’s version of the Queen. There are more watercolors in this series where art meets fashion and fashion meets art.


McQueen designed the 2005 collection It’s Only a Game around the idea of a chess match between America and Japan. Each ensemble corresponded to a particular chess piece.
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