Picture Perfect: How to Dress for your Portrait Sitting

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by @lindsayleboyer, guest blogger Lindsay LeBoyer 

When having your portrait painted, you want to look your best. Here are some guidelines to ensure the subject is the star, not the clothes.

1) Wear white on top

Aeolian Tee, Anthropologie

White is a classic that never goes out of style and reflects light beautifully onto the face. Wearing white on top will also make the subject stand out from the background. When choosing a white top, it’s important to remain to true to your personal style. There are many options to choose from, like a classic white button down or a modern tee. Make sure you choose something that feels like yourself, because that way you’ll feel feel comfortable and natural when you’re posing. Don’t worry if there’s a stain on your shirt; the artist can paint it out. Since white can sometimes be a little see through, wear undergarments that are white or skin tone and won’t show through your shirt. For younger subjects, non fussy pieces like a cute blouse or plain white tee shirt will work well. Keep in mind that you’ll want the portrait to last forever, so stay away from anything very trendy that can date the painting.

Melanie Stretch Poplin Shirt, Ralph Lauren Blue Label

2) Cover your knees

Straight stretch jean, Ralph Lauren

Tiered Skirt, Old Navy 

Another important guideline is to keep knees undercover. Short skirts can ride up and look too revealing for the portrait. Girls can wear a flouncy mid length skirt which is comfortable to sit in. Avoid tight mini skirts or anything made from stiff, uncomfortable fabric. If skirts aren’t for you, go with a pair of classic jeans. They shouldn’t have any big rips or frayed hems because these details can look messy and are constantly going in and out of style. Another option is khaki or chino pants.

3) Be yourself, relax, and have fun! 

Clothing is important, but the most essential thing to wear to your portrait is a happy face. 


All portraits by Miriam Schulman For more information or to commission a portrait please visit www.SchulmanArt.com

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