What inspires me to create my art

I never run out of ideas, only time
by Miriam Schulman

Everywhere I go I find inspiration. I make connections between what I see, and what art has been done in the past to create a new synthesis of creativity. The Savage Beauty retrospective of Alexander McQueen’s fashion was fantastic because the curator, Andrew Bolton really allowed you to understand his creative process and how he synthesized his ideas. Collections were inspired by nature, life cycles, art history and more which is the same process I go through as an artist.

This video is the story behind my ideas for my newest artworks and works in progress.
Click on photo to get more details about finished art featured in the video

Fashion Illustration 12x16" Watercolor on Canvas Board Alexander McQueen inspired, Shalom Harlow Fashion Illustration 11x14" Watercolor on Canvas Board inspired by Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Symbolist Fashion Illustration Watercolor on Canvas Board Alexander McQueen inspired 12x16" Fashion Illustration 12x16" Watercolor on Canvas Board Alexander McQueen inspired, Butterfly Plaid

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  1. Thank you for stop by
    i was receiving so many spams
    I thought real people on the blogspotpheare was a fairy tale 🙂
    You're right it was a funny history behind that very specific piece. It was a work in collaboration with another artist, it was suppose to be for a clip short documentary on questions of mundane faith and so on.
    I was very happy with the final result. Another artist from L.A. was wearing the piece in the roofs of Manhattan, totally riot.


  2. Hi Miriam,

    Thanks so much for highlighting this beautiful collection, and my headband.

    McQueen's work is so amazing, I would have loved to see the exhibit, but will have to contact myself with the Savage Beauty book. 🙂

    Betsie @ TheFaerieMarket


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