What color paint is good for artwork?

Orchid hush
by Miriam Schulman

Pantone Orchid Hush
Room view re-imagined with artwork by Schulman

“Orchid Hush”, a unique tone of gray with complex orchid undertones, coordinates well with any other color. As a result, designers have been turning to this shade for home and fashion according to the fall Pantone  color report. For example, interior designer Betsy Brown masterfully layers neutrals to create the romantic master bedroom pictured above. She uses bright white on the bedding and a lampshade instead of the walls. “One of the biggest mistakes people make with neutrals is not using enough contrast…You have to interject elements that add intense personality. Make it gutsy, or else it’s boring” says Brown. A cashmere crochet blanket from Suite Dreams adds a comfortable element of luxury. The ikat pillows by Madeline Weinrib add a unexpected tribal touch pulling together the coffee browns and lilacs. In a simulated view, peacock art turns the volume of the room up a notch adding to the exotic romance.

Martha Stewart Living Dusk available from Home Depot

In House Beautiful magazine (September 2011) interior decorator Hal Williamson gives this advice for choosing a wall color to show off your art collection, “I just don’t think white has the personality and warmth that makes you feel invited into a room. I want something a little stronger, and this dusty lavender has a soft powdery feeling. It’s rich and mysterious, like antique velvet. Anything you hang on it looks more special.”

Anatomy of a Peacock Painting- breaking down the colors

Check out how unexpected colors come together to make this artwork. A purple peacock sits on a wooden tree stump in a gorgeous meadow filled with ember-glow coral and honeysuckle pink wild flowers. His feathers are shades of phlox purple and orchid with many coffee browns to complement the rich colors. The background also has barren brown trees with lush cedar greens and yellows beyond. The very modern wall art is done with archival watercolors on specially prepared canvas. This art would be at home in modern or traditional decors. A frame is not required for display but a simple classic gold bamboo as shown in room view would complement the contemporary artwork.

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  1. we love the way you brought all of pantone's fall colors into this article but featured the lovely orchid hush. thanks for featuring our czech glass bracelet.


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