Decorating with Masculine Burnt Sienna…

Fall Classic.
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
Decorator: Steven Gambrel artwork: Schulman
Taking orange in a more masculine direction, Burnt Sienna serves as the standard, fall classic. Accent pieces for the home such as pillows in this warm orange are a must or go really bold and paint your whole house in it.Pantone predicts this is a hot color for men for home and fashion. A close cousin to persimmon orange, this color is more muted.
In this room decorated by Steven Gambrel, the colors range from burnt sienna to coffee. The lamps are vintage and the carpet is from Carini Lang. Buy the mixed media artwork online from my etsy shop. The birch trees are created with piano sheet music and vibrant colors are executed in glorious watercolor.
Sonatina Forest, Mixed Media Watercolor
Paula Perlini recommends using burnt sienna in the kitchen. “Might as well make it cozy. Everybody comes in anyway, you can’t beat them out with a spoon. Plates would look great on the wall against this warm cayenne, and I’d do teak countertops and cork on the floor — very soft and warm to bare feet.”
Some designers draw color inspiration from their travels. New York interior decorator Susan Zises Green says “We were driving in the countryside outside of Delhi very early in the morning and saw all these women out in the fields in their exquisite saris, in every shade from yellow to gold to this luscious melony terra-cotta. I can still see the material wafting in the breeze.”
@etsy finds in burnt sienna

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