Scarsdale Village Halloween Style

The City of Pumpkins
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
Scarsdale Village Original Watercolor Painting
The town came alive on Sunday with children painting store windows with washable paint. High school art clubs sold baked good and painted pumpkins. Children lined up to parade around the streets in their costumes and then eat donuts in the park.
This original watercolor landscape painting features a street scene of Scarsdale, New York. The village’s distinctive architecture is represented by the tudor buildings at Boniface Circle. Beautiful pink impatiens are in bloom next to a bench where shoppers take a break to gossip. The cityscape artwork is painted with archival quality watercolor paper using highest quality watercolor paints and signed by the artist.


Scarsdale Village Fine Art Print for Sale
This fine art print from a watercolor painting also features a street scene of Scarsdale. A patriotic flag flies high in the blue sky. The town had a fundraiser where artists painted chickens and one is still on display under the flag pole.

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0 thoughts on “Scarsdale Village Halloween Style”

  1. Thank you for including my ghost & pumpkin luminaries on your blog. You paintings are so detailed. I love the colors!
    Growing up I remember parading through school in our Halloween costumes, going from class to class. Halloween parties with friends, apple bobbing, scary games and spider pinatas were a favorite.
    Now I love helping my own children handmake costumes for their parties and parades. 🙂

  2. I recently moved from Maine to Wisconsin, so I am unsure of how Halloween is celebrated here. However, I lived in a quaint coastal community and the neighboring town had Pumpkin Fest. They had decorating contests, pumpkin scarecrow people, size contests, weight, and even boat races. Yes, boat races with these HUGE pumpkins. They always have a parade and kids attractions too! It's a great way for the community to celebrate Fall. And, it is my favorite season! Thank you so much for including my pumpkin, lampwork bracelet. There are so many talented folks here! Happy Halloween all! Kristin

  3. Thank you Miriam for including my City Pumpkins Collection! It is beautiful and reminds me of our main street here in Gainesville, Florida.

    Here,Halloween is a fun time for everyone. Our doorstep orange pumpkins have blue painted faces (Univ. football team the Florida Gators),our main street businesses are decorated,hold games with prizes,and give out candy. We have haunted halls and houses, spook trails,costume contests and lots of treats. We love to celebrate Halloween!


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