Symbolism in Figurative Painting

“Garden Path with Sophia”
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
Garden Path with Sophia

The watercolor illustration of an Alexander McQueen design makes a great fashion gift for the fashionista in your life.

The abstract interpretation of a fashion illustration also is a chic decorating idea to enhance your room decor with modern wall art that is a conversation piece as well has a fashion statement. The fashion drawing can be displayed on its own or collected and displayed in groups. Fashion sketches are an affordable way to enjoy couture style in your home.


Alexander McQueen on display

The watercolor illustration is derived from the runway show Voss which featured a turbaned woman in a ornately embroidered red dress. (actual dress to the left) This dress was on display in the Savage Beauty exhibition during the summer of 2011 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The dress on the model in the runway show had a hem of black feathers. in another show. This fashion design reminded me of two of Gustav Klimt paintings, Garden Path with Chickens and also The Girlfriends. The dominant colors in this fashion painting are red, green and gold. There is also metallic gold acrylic details in addition to the luminous transparent watercolors.

Garden Path with Chickens by Gustav Kimt
There is a lot of symbolism in this piece. The title “Garden Path with Sophia” is derived from the Klimt title “Garden Path with Chickens” Sophia is a name of a girlfriend of a friend of mine who is represented by the rooster in the right hand corner.
The Girlfriends, by Gustav Klimt
This rooster imagery is derived from the Klimt painting “The Girlfriends.” The Girlfriends painting is a homoerotic piece depicting a nude woman with a turbaned woman and a rooster. The black chickens on the garden path symbolize other women who are in my friends life. Although the art is rich in meaning, you will enjoy this artwork for simply for its beauty and rich color.
There are more watercolor fashion illustrations in this Alexander McQueen series where art meets fashion and fashion meets art.
Details of Artwork:
Title: Garden Path with Sophia
Size: 7.5×11″ watercolor
Media: Watercolor on Paper
Frame: Frame is not included. your choice of framing will increase the size of the overall artwork. A simple black one would complement the art nicely.
Woman in Turban, detail from watercolor
detail flowers from watercolor painting
detail of black chicken from illustration
detail of rooster from artwork
What do you think is a great gift for a fashionista?

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