Facebook Fans Give Creative Titles to new Sheep Art Series!

Wooly Booly!
By Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
Wooly Booly, 8×10″ Farm Animal Art
Completed a new series of watercolor on canvas. This series depicts all sheep art and lamb paintings Paintings of farm animals add a delightful touch to your child’s room, or a country kitchen. For this series I asked my fans on my facebook fan page to help me out with titles, so I owe the creative titles to my fans!


Shorn This Way!, 8×10″ Lamb Art
Ewe and Me Against the World, 8×10″ Sheep Painting
Peaceful Fleecy Feeling, 8×10″ Lamb Painting
Peaceful Pasture, 8×10″ Sheep Art
Sheep Arts & Crafts by lots of talented etsy artisans!

7 thoughts on “Facebook Fans Give Creative Titles to new Sheep Art Series!”

  1. The expressions you put in your lambs' faces are wonderful and having others give you their impressions are a fabulous way of capturing titles for you lovely artwork, Miriam. I love your artwork and blog!


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