Gifts for the MAN in your life this Valentine’s Day

A few creative touches that won’t scare him away.
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt


Lots of flirty pillows available from SewEnglish

Why be coy?! Even if you didn’t see the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy TV show to hear Dr Alex Karev’s words of wisdom … “Eat more bacon. Have more sex” … I suspect there are people who agree with him!! Each pillow is individually handcut and appliqued in England, so order now to get in time for that special day.


Funky Geek T-shirt

If you want to be affectionate and avoid anything either too suggestive or lovey dovey- this t-shirt by signaturetshirts is perfect!


Rooster Art by Miriam Schulman

Is he too chicken to commit? You can poke fun at him in a playful yet non-pushy way with this rooster artwork. Cocks are always suggestive, flirty and fun.

What do you think makes a great valentines gift for a lover?

0 thoughts on “Gifts for the MAN in your life this Valentine’s Day”

  1. Its got to be different, something that has thought and not just a box of chocolates or a cuddly toy. That's why handmade is so great – you know that its been made just for you and he/she has not seen it in a shop before.

  2. Fantastic post, thank you!

    My boy is very ADORKABLE, so I think thats the one for me. I think you cannot go wrong with anything handmade, personalised or uniqiue to your partner for valentines.

    Forget a boring box of chocolates, these gift show you really care!

    ps. Miiam, thanks for picking out my cufflinks as a fav x


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