African Love: Decorating with International Eclecticism

My African Valentine
by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman
Modern Interpretation of African Art

This African tribal paintings was created from studying original African art sculpture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The tribal wall art  has a wonderful abstract quality giving it a modern sophistication.

The dominant colors in these artworks are red, earth tones, yellow, green and cerulean blue.
I made seven drawings from the African Art collection during a visit and painted them with watercolors later in my studio. The African artifact for this painting was sculpture of an anonymous African woman, possibly the girlfriend of the artist.  For this piece I used my watercolor as a study for the canvas. These abstract interpretations would look great in your house and complement your modern global home decor.

Intricate Details and Colors in Original African Painting
Latest developments and understanding of Aesthetic principles, religious and ceremonial values, have brought about a greater insight into the ideas and moral values that African artists express in their art.


African Art enhances Global Home Decor

From Africa to Australia, the decor in this home is a happy collision of international cultures. Designer Thomas Hamel mixed global finds like mid century-modern Italian lighting with Afghan carpets and a Georgian English bookcase with an inlaid trunk from India. In this traditional and sophisticated study, bamboo shades in windows frame the African artwork. A vintage blue leather armchair is an unexpected touch in the study. Leather ottomans by Michael Berman from Profiles add to a relaxed atmosphere. This home office decorated by Thomas Hamel appeared in House Beautiful January 2011. This sunny office in a Florida home has a cool feel because of the blues in the chair, the rug and the artwork.

Show Love for Africa with a Modern Painting
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Title: African Valentine
inspiration: African Hero Series at Metropolitan Museum of Art, part of a special exhibition titled “Heroic Africans” which took a look at sculptural traditions from West and Central Africa created between the twelfth and early twentieth centuries.
Size: 20×20″ Watercolor on CANVAS
Media:  archival watercolor technique with varnish, allows this art to be displayed without a frame.
copyright words do NOT appear on actual painting and are on the internet to deter image theft

mentioned in this article @metmuseum

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