Unusual Perspectives Define the Photography of Valentin Stoev

Interview with self-taught Bulgarian Photographer
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
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SchulmanArt: How long have you been a photographer?
Valentin Stoev: I have been taking pictures for the past 10 years now. I do not consider myself a professional photographer; however,  I love doing that at every moment I have spare. I have taken on shooting two weddings previously for friends, but selling something professionally I have only started about two months ago.

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SchulmanArt: Where did you study photography?
Valentin Stoev: Ever since I got my Minolta 35mm film camera about 10 years ago I have been planning on taking courses and studying photography but never have I done so. I started learning off the internet and different photography books but mostly experimenting. My style has evolved since and I catch myself that I keep changing it and things I like about photography in general.

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SchulmanArt: What are your inspirations?
Valentin Stoev: My inspiration is traveling! I love exploring the world and nature, so I don’t miss a chance to just leave my town whenever I have some spare time, even if that is just going to the forest a few minutes out.


Photographer on the other side of the camera in Barcelona

SchulmanArt: Tell us how you get these fantastic photos?
Valentin Stoev: I do like to travel a lot and most of my wildlife photographs I take in the mountains here in Bulgaria. I like going camping and staying out of any civilization once in a while and stay close to the nature. All I need is a tent, a lovely spot right by a mountain spring, my friends and camera and that all powers my for better pictures.


0 thoughts on “Unusual Perspectives Define the Photography of Valentin Stoev”

  1. Thank you, Miriam, the presentation of Bulgarian artists!
    What inspires me? What inspires me msichk that surrounds me, even seemingly minor things – it may be a feeling or an object …

  2. Great topic! I am so glad I am featured on your blog, and mostly that Bulgarian art is given a shout out! Bulgaria is a country with rich crafts culture so for us it is impossible to avoid our roots! But, yes, as most people I got mostly influenced by my crafting family and friends!

  3. My workshop is located high in the mountains of a pure and fabulously beautiful place where you feel like a bird.That's haw influences my beautiful Bulgaria.
    Thank you for including my bridge!

  4. Thank you for including my felt balls!
    Bulgaria as a so beautiful country, with its four seasons, majestic serenity of the mountains, the endless blue of the sea…
    etched in my soul,
    streams through my hands,
    springs from my heart.

  5. great read!! Thank you for including my little teapot necklace too! Not sure how Bulgaria influences me, maybe indirectly, but biggest influence for me have always been the Bulgarian people, teachers I had there friends and family 🙂


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