Valentine Gifts for Light Hearted Holiday Spirit

Sending Love in the Mail
by Miriam Schulman @schulmanArt
Valentine Cookie Gift Box by whippedbakeshop
These cookies have that certain je ne sais quoi, don’t you think? Tell your lover that you have the hots for them in French and they will be yours FOREVER. These cookies are also great to send to grandchildren far away– to your child in college or just to order to have in your own home to keep a light hearted holiday spirit. This shop will handwrite your note on a pretty little card so the recipient knows who sent them such an awesome gift. Each cookie set includes one Eiffel Tower cookie, one pink poodle cookie, one giant heart cookie and one Mona Lisa wearing heart goggles.
Funky yet Feminine Toddler Dress by LittleOvercoat
Need an excuse to dress up your little girl? These comfy eco-friendly dresses are made from all recycled materials! Perfect for Valentine’s Day, but then your little girl will also love wearing it for the rest of the year! When my own little girl was this age we both loved this easy way of one piece dressing. The fit is forgiving as they grow and the outfit morphs from a dress to a tunic to a shirt as she grows.
Your His in Bed, Geisha Art by Miriam Schulman

Looking for a sexy splurge that is classy and tasteful? Geishas, traditional high-class Japanese entertainers, throughout history, have been wrapped in an air of mystery. in the East they symbolize traditional Japanese values and in Western culture they have come to represent exotic beauty and grace. Traditional Japan embraced sexual delights and men were not constrained to be faithful to their wives. The ideal wife was a modest mother and manager of the home; and love had secondary importance. For sexual enjoyment and romantic attachment, men did not go to their wives. Give him the hint that you are his romantic attachment with a beautiful art of Japanese Women.

This initial drawing done freehand at the Metropolitan Museum of Art by studying traditional Japanese tapestries and silk screens. Back in my studio I painted with acrylic paints and added patterns and color. The art does seem to be inspired by Matisse and Picasso but really that is because those artist were greatly influenced by Japanese artists as well. Click here for all my Asian Art
And 16 more creative Valentine gift ideas…

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