Fish Art Inspired by Missing My Fishermen

Nourished by the Mystery of the Sea
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt.
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When I was a little girl– and also not such a little girl– my grandfather would take my sister and I fishing in the gray waters of Sandy Hook in New Jersey. We rented a motor boat and cast our lines out into impossibly deep water. As our sun burned under the August sun, and we munched on our chicken and mayonnaise sandwiches that my grandmother made as well as the corn chips that my grandfather smuggled. I was pacified by the rocking of the boat and my reverie was interrupted only by the surprise of the tug on the line and the trophy of a fish.
Detail of Mixed Media Collage
My father was a fisherman too- oh neither was the professional kind– this was our hobby. However, my father had never took me fishing. He passed away when I was only five, but he loved the sea and his ashes had been scattered out on the water. So I thought fishing with my grandfather was like visiting him. Then later, we would cook the catch of the day.  When I eat fish, the fish is part of me and the sea is inside of me and together we are one and I have bits and pieces of my past together again.
Decorating Inspiration using Koi Art
So this is what I thought about as I created this complicated mosaic of fish. Maybe they are koi, and perhaps they are just salmon. Either way they swim in the glistening water. I take my passion and rip pieces of paper to recreate something new from something deep inside of me.


Bedroom Decorating Scheme using Koi Art
This mixed media collage painting depicts one of my favorite subjects, the bright golden and orange fish against a joyous cockatoo turquoise blue background. This artwork will add a bit of the energetic Tangerine Tango! There are bits of watercolor paper. acrylic paint, art papers and even piano sheet music to make the water and mosaic fish.
This watercolor art is executed on archival gallery wrapped canvas. This technique will allow you to display my watercolors without a frame or glass. The canvas is specially prepared for watercolors and the surface has been finished with protective layers of UV coating.The sides are painted with glossy black paint. The colors are vibrant. You will be thrilled with this unique artwork.
Size: Original is sold so you may now collect a giclee print in your choice of sizes.


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  1. What a wonderful display and tale of color and imagination. I can see all plain as day and close to my senses and heart itself. Beautiful job Miriam.
    Melissa of Melissa's Endeavors as seen on ETSY and


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