Top Four Painting Rituals

Getting in the Mood
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
For my artist interviews I always ask other artisans what kind of rituals they have for staying calm and focused. I always find that a challenge. I have a complex set of rituals I need to follow in order to get my mind calm, focused and ready for creative outpourings.
Here are my top Four painting rituals:
Light A Candle
Scented Candles in the happiest Spring Shades by madycandles

Nothing grounds me to the studio better than lighting a scented candle. The constant scent calms me down, keeps me in the studio, and if nothing else, I stay there to keep the house from burning down. I love the happy colors of these candle lanterns by madycandles


Drink Tea
Blue Lotus Tea by HarmonyHerbals 

Whether I am painting by myself or teaching an art class, I always brew a pot of tea. My students love sharing tea and cookies which is so important to create a community of artists. I have a glass tea pot with a tea strainer inside that is perfect for exploring a variety of loose teas. Tea helps you relax, connect with the sacred in every day life, and are also great in helping you cut down on other addictive habits. The Blue Lotus was a  sacred flower of the ancient Egyptians and used in parties and rituals for it’s gently euphoric and aphrodisiac effects. Considered a sensual tonic and mood booster, the Lotus was traditionally soaked in wine and then enjoyed as a beverage, as well as smoked in a pipe by itself or with other sacred herbs. Blue Lotus Tea by HarmonyHerbals  also makes a beautiful and relaxing tea.

Play Music
Music Garland by RidingTriumph

Music is another way to keep my mind focused and grouned. I have found that even while doing my online marketing I am less likely to get bored and distracted by facebook if I play some music. My favorite radio station here in New York’s backyard is The Peak which streams on the internet. I also have a bucket of cd’s and lots of songs loaded on my ipod.

Slip into something more comfortable 
Overalls made to order by BowandArrowApparel

I have several pairs of overalls. A well fitted pair that is both stylish and functional serves as my daily painting uniform. I own a few in a mixture of vintage and new styles, short and long. When searching on etsy, I was looking for someone who makes them herself and my heart did a leap when I found the designer Anna Toth of BowandArrowApparel. Her shop offers several sexy options. The overalls pictured left are made to order in her sweet little studio in North Carolina. She goes to great lengths to ensure their quality and ruggedness, while maintaining their classic style.

What rituals do you have?

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  1. Thank you so much for the mention! I really appreciate it!
    I actually have a playlist on Spotify I listen to when I need to stay focused! I do a lot of these things too, like light a candle! Your blog is beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the peek into your routine. I don't have one, which is probably why I don't do anything creative routinely. 🙁

    I do notice I like scented candles and tea when I sketch, and coffee when I'm writing. So maybe I do have a routine!


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