Fearless and Creative!

Be Fearless!
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt.
New Mixed Media Collage Artwork for sale online

In order to be creative you have to let go of fear. You have to be fearless of making mistakes. I am always telling my watercolor students that the mistakes are the best part. Of course that could be a bad thing if you do not know how to recreate a mistake that you like!

Detail of  Insect Art

For this particular artwork I took a piece of artwork that I liked but had become boring to me. The  bright cabaret pink and coral pink peony against a solar power yellow background had a promising beginning but needed a better ending. Since it hadn’t sold yet, perhaps it was boring to collectors as well . Using art papers and watercolor prints from my own artwork I added insects such as a bumble bee and dragonflies as well as the text. The text I chose for this piece is “Be Fearless”! Putting text on my artwork is a new direction for me and I enjoyed experimenting this way.


Decorating Idea using Mixed Media Art
Floral Art comes with Gold Crackle Float Frame
The colors and texture of the artwork is very complex. Gold crackle frame included. This artwork is a collage of piano sheet music on canvas with washes of watercolor both over and under the sheet music.This technique will allow you to display my watercolors without glass. The canvas is specially prepared for watercolors and the surface has been finished with protective layers of UV coating.The sides are painted with glossy black paint. Check out the scans for the detail of true color scanning.
Detail of Mixed Media Collage


Size: 12×12″ art, 14.5×14.5″ with gold crackle frame.
Frame is included in price.
$89 discount if frame is not desired.
Media: Watercolor Sheet Music Collage on CANVAS

Are you a fearless artist?

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