Huge Art Requires Oversized Painting Techniques!

Work in Progress of a Peacock Painting
@schulmanArt, by Miriam Schulman
How many days does it take to make a peacock painting?
First it was hard to find a space big enough for this Huge Painting.
Cover my desk with a drop cloth.
Got all my acrylic paints laid out…
These spring colors are trendy and make me happy!
I have to stretch really high and climb on my desk to paint the top feathers.
Whew– six hours later– I am exhausted.
Stay tuned to this blog to watch my progress on this Peacock Painting!
Click HERE for–>> peacock art

0 thoughts on “Huge Art Requires Oversized Painting Techniques!”

  1. I recall doing a 4 x 6 a number of years ago (I have not yet attempted the new system ones, tho I have two waiting in the wings 😉 but mine was vertical – and I also had spacial problems. My old studio was in the basement (low ceiling) and painting the upper portion was do-able as I stood it on low box type supports, but doing the bottom? Oy. I had to move it to the garage and set it up on two stools. I truly felt like I was painting this in an assembly line fashion – first the top, and then the bottom. And oil paint, too! It's great that you are documenting this – and can't wait to see the progress shots!


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