Transforming Ho Hum Painting into Inspirational Art

DREAM Anything is Possible
by @schulmanArt, Miriam Schulman.
Inspirational Art Quote
Lately I have been having fun by taking “completed” artwork and adding additional layers of visual interest. In the current series I am working on, I have been taking art and adding inspirational quotes as text directly on top of the artwork.
This is what the floral painting looked like before
This painting started life off as pink peonies on a yellow background. The modern art was fairly interesting already with the piano sheet music used as a mixed media collage element but I decided that the artwork lacked a center of interest.
Collage Art reads: DREAM Anything is Possible
Now, this energetic mixed media original artwork incorporates collage of sheet music, art papers and depicts cabaret pink peonies and a bevy of beautiful insects on a solar power yellow background. The insects include dragonflies, butterflies, and a grasshopper in luminous watercolor.
The text says: DREAM ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. The paint is all water based media which is safe and nontoxic to the environment. This piece includes a free frame which comes wired and ready to hang in your space. This is a signed one of a kind piece.
Mixed Media Art after

Title: DREAM, Anything is Possible
Size: 18×24″, 24×30″ with free frame
Media: Acrylic, Watercolor Collage on Canvas Board
Frame: FREE
copyright words do not appear on actual artwork

TWITTER: @schulmanart
ABOUT THE ARTIST: New York gallery artist. google SCHULMANART on the internet

How do you transform for spring? 

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0 thoughts on “Transforming Ho Hum Painting into Inspirational Art”

  1. Your blog is really cool and I love the transformation of the painting! Selling my painted items is a roller coaster for sure. I only sell on Etsy, and while I have had a great deal of success, dry spells still upset me. I love what I do, though!

    Thanks for featuring my painted vases!

  2. Hi! Thanks for showing my giraffe print from the Etsy treasury by Sundays Market. You asked if creating my art is a roller coaster. The answer? Definitely. I have two preschool-age girls and getting anything done is near impossible. So you could say the level of cleanliness in my house, how often I exercise, and the quality of attention I give my children is a roller coaster: they go up and down. Today was my first deadline to show progress on a children's book I'm illustrating, which means there's a "roller coaster" dip in other areas of my life: My house is a wreck, I have a terrible cold, and my daughter's haven't had their hair brushed for a couple days.

  3. This is awesome! Your artwork is beautiful. Thank you for the feature! As rewarding as creating and selling handmade items can be, it is sometimes a roller coaster!


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