Creative Gift Ideas for Babies

Order A Baby Gift for the littlest one
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
As soon as you get that call or announcement of a new baby, get the most perfect and creative gifts which ship direct from cafepress. The new parents will love the high quality and unique designs that make them one of a kind.
Baby Chicks Onesie

Baby Chicks Organic Baby Bodysuit

Everyone loves these adorable baby chicks and why not? Add it to the front of a bib, onesie or t-shirt and you have the perfect unisex baby gift. Protect your baby’s tender skin with this ultra-soft organic cotton bodysuit. Free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals, this comfortable, earth friendly creeper is made from 100% certified organic cotton.

Pink Dragonfly Bib
Penguin Toddler t-shirt

Dragonfly Darts Bib

Featuring creative dragonfly art  with golden gossamer wings that soar across a bright pink background. It’s okay to make a mess in our easy-wash 100% cotton bib. It provides great upper body coverage to protect baby’s clothes. The sturdy closure makes this one-size bib fit newborns to 36 months. You will love that it is made from 100% cotton jersey. 
Just Chillin Toddler T-Shirt
This soft and comfortable baby t-shirt is designed with a delightful black and white penguin family and a little baby penguin nestled in between who peeks through. Our 100% cotton toddler tee will look great on your little ones, also available in other sizes.
Nursery Room Decor and Gift Ideas
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