Ten Reasons To Commission a Portrait

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@schulmanArt Miriam Schulman
Oversized Modern Portraits in Watercolor
  1. To tell a Story: People are drawn to portraits because they tell a story, both about the subject and the artist. A portrait commission celebrates the youth of your child or illuminates the joy of your wedding day.
  2. Because Memories Fade: Capture the humanity of a person in a moment in time.  Even a centuries-old portrait can conjure up its subject and breathe life into a distant memory and brings to life a personality that would otherwise have vanished into obscurity.
  3. Family Heirloom: Art is a great investment because of the joy it will give your family for generations. The fact that we are able to view portraits from centuries ago is a testament to the institution of the craft of portraiture and an excellent reason as to why one should consider investing in a commission. In our mass-produced age, few material objects possess the enduring value and prestige of a unique work of art.
  4. Creative Mother’s Day Gift: Nothing is close to a mother’s heart than her children, so the best art is a charming watercolor portrait of her child.
  5. Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Idea: Fathers also flip for these gifts and love paintings of their children for their home or work office. Portraits of children are art that everyone can agree on.
  6. Beautiful Birthday Present: Whose birthday? The mother, or the father are obvious choices, but you could also give the portrait on the occasion of the child’s birthday. I also do adult portraits, so if you find your honey unbelievably beautiful I will capture that essence on paper in a lovely watercolor portrait.
  7. Artistic Anniversary: A popular art commission it to get a painting done of the wedding chapel or church.
  8. House Proud: Another occasion for a house portrait is as a house warming gift or to remember a childhood home. Often, grown children will chip in to get a painting done of the house that they grew up in to give to their parents.
  9. Creative Wedding Gift: Commission a portrait of the bride and groom from one of their wedding pictures. This is the gift they will not want to return. You can also get a portrait of the bridal bouquet to give to the bridesmaid or the bride. She’ll love it and unlike the dress will never grow out of it.
  10. Personalized Pet Portrait: My fine art pet portraits will capture your pet’s unique personality and exact likeness in a watercolor painting that will last a lifetime. These true to life paintings create a lasting memory of your dog, cat, horse, rat, rabbit, or other pet. I portray not only your pet’s physical appearance but also capture the essence and spirit that you love so much. Your pet can be set in a favorite background–like the beach– making your pet portrait even more personal.  

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