Music Amongst the Trees, new tree artwork

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Whether you are a musician or a tree hugger you will love this playful mixed media collage tree art on canvas.
Decorating Idea for Tree Artwork
Evoking the deep forests where native oak trees lived before time began, this timeless art fits both into modern and contemporary decor. When choosing the best artwork for your space, you will find that these soft and soothing blue green hues are easy to incorporate with your existing interior design.
Original Tree Art, 12×12″ on gallery wrapped canvas
This original tree painting is a landscape executed with mixed media collage of watercolor, piano sheet music and art papers. The light tan colored trunks are outlined with contrasting teal green blue. The teal and violet background and the lime green forest floor make the tree artwork soft and serene. This tree wall art has been painted periwinkle on the sides that flows from the foreground and is wired and ready to hang without a frame. You will get enjoyment every time you look at this abstract tree art as it completes your home decor and raises the mood of everyone in the room.


Mixed Media Collage art pictures Trees
There is always Music amongst the trees in the Garden, but our hearts must be very quiet to hear it. ~Minnie Aumonier
Title: Music amongst the trees
Size: 12×12″ gallery wrapped canvas, sides painted periwinkle
The gallery wrapped canvas will save you money on framing since it is wired and ready to hang right on your wall.
You can also collect coasters and framed tiles with this design.

Put the artwork in your bedroom and get a matching bathroom shower curtain with the same forest motif.

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