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Meet Guest Blogger Elissa Watters
Elissa picks: Peacock Gipsy Rondo 
Are you looking for abstract peacock art?
This mixed media collage on canvas
pictures and ethereal blue and purple
peacock on a bellflower purple and
periwinkle background. You will love
adding this glamorous touch to your
home decor. The one of a kind wall
art is very contemporary and modern.
The peacock is surrounded
by large wild flowers cut from watercolor
tinted piano sheet music. There are also
gold accents on the centers of the flowers

TITLE: Gypsy Rondo
SIZE: 12×12″ art
dominant colors: purple periwinkle
blue cockatoo navy
The sides are painted light purple,
no framing required to display
MEDIA : Watercolor, acrylic, piano Music,
Collage on CANVAS
copyright words do not appear
on actual peacock artwork

Have you ever noticed how prevalent art is in our lives?  You don’t need to go to an art museum, music concert or theater performance to be exposed to art.  In fact, you don’t even need to leave your home.  From the moment you get dressed, choosing your fashion for the day, to the moments before you go to bed, when you read a book or watch a TV show, you make and interact with art.  Throughout the day, you are surrounded by the artistically designed architecture and interior design of your home.

About Elissa Watters: Elissa is a rising sophomore at Dartmouth College and currently planning to be an art history major.  She has always been interested in the arts, enjoys writing, the flute, sketching and photography.


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Elissa Picks: Be Yourself Everyone Else is Already Taken The inspirational art pictures a woman figure modeling Alexander McQueen fashion and surrounded by dragonflies, red poppies and purple irises cut from vintage piano sheet music, magazines, Schulman’s own watercolor imagery and hearts. Pantone’s spring colors played an important role in inspiring this original work of art.

Be Yourself Everyone Else is Already Taken
SIZE: 16×20″ Canvas art, 7/8″ inch sides on gallery wrapped canvas
dominant colors: red yellow purple
The sides are painted a pale rustic red, no framing required to display
MEDIA : Watercolor, acrylic, Collage on CANVAS
copyright words do not appear on actual inspirational artwork


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