Tasteful Dining Room Decorating with Peacock Art

Pistachio Peacock Shows Great Taste in Dining Room
by Miriam Schulman, @schulmanArt
Decorating Idea with Peacock Decor
The mantel is a great place to showcase vertical pieces of art. The height draws your eye up making the ceilings higher and grander and also allows you to display sculpture or vases on the mantel. Discover how great a dramatic peacock painting can brighten the whole room with modern colors like bright chartreuse green. Mirrors are not art and every room needs art. In the room view pictured left decorated by David Kleinberg Design Associates, a breakfast room extends from a modern kitchen. The amber chandelier echos the color of the maple chairs and is offset wonderfully by the bold contrasts of the black table and white walls. However, we thought the room needed a little tweaking. The mirror in the original photo has been digitally replaced with a piece of artwork. The colors in the room are fantastic and the artwork makes the whole room. Before, the mirror placed between two windows created a spatial void.
24×30″ Peacock Painting, Pistachio Peacock

This large vertical artwork is created on a canvas that measures 24×30″.  If you are looking for a large painting to make a splashy statement in a foyer, this vertical peacock art will tell anyone who enters your home how much original style you have.. Wherever you decide to display the peacock art the artwork will give you pleasure throughout the years. The colors are contemporary and can’t help but modernize your interior making your home an artistic an inspiring place to be. The background ranges from honey gold yellow with chartreuse green feathers punctuated by contrasting rhapsody violet purple. The teal and ultramarine green feathers are displayed over the dark brown ground.

Art reduces stress by increasing relaxation, enjoyment and inner calm. After you buy this peacock painting it will hang in your home and you will get enjoyment from it every time you look at it.  This peacock art enhances any room that it is displayed in.  Just knowing that this original art completes your interior design can lift the mood of the room and everyone in it.
Size: 24×30″ gallery wrapped Canvas, 1-1/2″ profile
Colors: Olympian blue, turquoise blue, honey gold, sapphire blue,ultramarine green, rose, french roast brown, bright chartreuse, rhapsody violet purple
Media: Gallery Wrapped Canvas-no glass required for framing, comes pre-stretched and ships flat
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Decorators: David Kleinberg Design Associates www.dfda.com
Light fixture: Poul Henningsen ceiling fixture for Louis Poulsen Lighting
Rug: Patterson, Flynn & Martin
chairs: Jean Prouve
table: Tommi Parzinger

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