Love Quotes on Canvas

Love Makes Life Beautiful
by @schulmanArt Miriam Schulman

Framed Tile with Art!

Since I had managed to clean up the hall closet (unrecognizable, my daughter was surprised to see carpet on the floor) AND my car… I decide to treat myself to some non-commissioned art making! For this canvas I wanted to use Valentines Day as my inspiration going with the candy colored reds and pinks. I also wanted to use an inspirational quote: “Love Makes Life Beautiful” I had a lot of fun creating the 8×8″ canvas using collage elements, and 3-d beads!

Ready to hang right on your wall without a frame!

Better than a Valentines Day card, this love note is a work of art! Inspirational quotes with art that comes straight from the heart! This pink and red mixed media original art on canvas has flowers with beaded jeweled centers. The colorful collage art painting has three patterned flowers and music notes around the border. 

Love makes life beautiful, floral mixed media canvas

This makes a creative gift for women of all ages whether for a sophisticated nursery room, cottage chic or boho decor. ( I used Tim Holt’z washi tissue tape for the border, Thanks Tim!)


I love you to bits, mini quote on canvas

The 8×8″ canvas came together fairly quickly because I had already experimented with my small 4×4″ canvases. The cute mini mixed media original art on canvas has purple and pink flowers with beaded jeweled centers and chevron stems. The art reads ” I Love you to bits” making it great for Valentine’s day or another special occasion. The colorful collage art painting has a bright chartreuse green glittery butterfly and a chartreuse green ribbon to hang it on a wall or from a kitchen cabinet knob or a dresser knob. The petite size also makes a great desk ornament.

“I love you” Mini Canvas

I did a series of these 4×4″ canvases so you can pick your favorite or if you have more than one Valentine to send it to, I’ve got you covered!

I looked around etsy to see what other crafters came up with for their “love notes” Here is a treasury of some of my favorites. 

What do YOU like to give for Valentines Day to someone you love?

Handmade with love! (on @etsy, of course!)

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  1. Your Love Makes Life Beautiful piece is beautiful! I always try to Pick something that is meaningful in some way…or make something that I know the person will love. The last couple Valentine's Days our gift to each other is an evening out which is such a treat with our schedules and the kid's schedules. Thanks so much for including my card in your gorgeous collection!


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