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The cellist Peter Seidenberg in concert

My daughter made me go to a faculty concert at her music school. The music was good– I mean this being New York, the teachers are all seasoned professional musicians …but me being me, my mind started to drift. First, like an immature school girl I began scribbling notes to my daughter about what I thought of the performers and the compositions. Then, I told her I thought the cellist looked like a cartoon character. So I had an aha moment when I realized I could take my naughty pen and draw all over the program, because drawing during a concert, unlike note writing, is socially acceptable… and I am an artist after all!

By the way– my daughter liked the drawing because I did capture the cellist likeness but she did criticize that the bow was too high. (musicians will know what she means) I posted this on facebook and the internet being the internet meant that my daughter shared it with her friend who studies with this teacher and also happens to be *his* friend on facebook– so the musician got tagged as well! At least he “liked” it!

I told my daughter please take me to another concert– but this time I am bringing my sketchbook!

Check out all these inspired artworks I found on etsy today while searching for “musician art”!

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